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  1. In US, it is author's life plus 75 70 years if published after January 1st 1978. cf Duration of Copyright
  2. Me too. Started mine after discharge from Army when an Army buddy introduced me to Arnold Rapido N scale train line. Like you, mine are packed away awaiting an heir
  3. I guess we will just have a glass of whine till you get back 😉 Model looks great Craig. Figure paintings came out good also.
  4. You mean gossipy neighborhood wire taps ! No court order required.
  5. Oh ! Big Leon ! Was never a big fan of Hogan's Heros show. You slid that one right by me 🤦‍♂️
  6. Must have been a rather rotund individual to require 2 axles and 4 tires to carry all the weight. 😊😇
  7. Yea, that video made the Network News last night !
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