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  1. Not sure Lou. As I assembled it I made sure no glue got on the shaft pin that runs down thru the assembly, but I cannot see how the thing will rotate if I glue that pin into the hole in that black rimmed insert. Also cannot see how I can insert it in hole either since I am inserting it blind, no way to see the hole. Have to play around with it to figure it out. I will try to post some close ups later
  2. Yep, except it is all RR colors or weathering, no mil spec colors left unfortunately. Thanks.
  3. They are copper clad steel BB's, Ken. Was only planning on using them as supplemental weights, not paint mixing. Have a battery powered mixer from MicroMark for that function. Works great, even on old almost dried out Floquil paint. So as I await the hazmat suit and my venture out to Wally World in search of BBs, I have gotten this far with the build. Unfortunately the rotor blades were not designed to rotate on this model so I have to make that the last addition.
  4. Art, since you purchased the kit, you are not violating Copyright if you enlarge the plans to a larger scale in order to build a larger model, since this is for your personal use only.
  5. Already exhausted that avenue, OC. Either too big to fit or not heavy enough. I have a local source just have to wait for an time when there are few customers, like mid week at 7 AM....
  6. Before I can finish the rest of the model I have to add 3-4 grams of weight/ballast to the nose so it will sit level. Right now it is tail heavy. This incarceration is making it difficult to run and and pick up a packages of BBs since I have nothing in stock that will fit down into the well. More later !
  7. I would advIse going to the CDC website for reliable and factual information on COVID-19.
  8. Fever and difficulty breathing e.g. shortness of breathe , are the big things to watch for
  9. Thanks, Carl ! Yes I think it is called Ghost Gray Did not mask windows. Tried to but could get it to work for me. I coated them with Pledge acrylic floor wax first to protect them as best I can. Even diluting the Model Master enamel did not go too well, kept clogging the pipette so I could not get an accurate measure. Ended up free handing it with the sort of diluted enamel. I definitely do not like Testors Model Master paints. I wanted to try Mr Color but the source I found had a large selection of colors to choose from, unlike my other two sources, but the colors I wanted were all on backorder with no estimated delivery date so I had to settle with the Testors I already had on hand.
  10. Well, now that we've gotten the approval of our armchair CNO on the correct hue for the helo, I can proceed with the assembly. Upper fuselage Main body assembled Added the canopy Some touch up painting - stabilizer fins added to tail section Painting the canopy frame by hand was a challenge and a half. Tried masking but that didn't work too well, so I resorted to free-handing it. And now back to the incarceration cell, errr, workshop

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