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  1. Are they Dueling ? Banjos, that is !
  2. Chicken Little says you can remove your hard hat, leave the bunker and breathe now. It landed in the ocean last night! Whew !
  3. Ah, good ! I get the best seat this time . 😉🙂🍿🍺
  4. Watching Political speeches would be even more fun!
  5. Anybody seen Chicken Little lately ?
  6. I guess that's why they call them "trestle table", you could drive a train over them or a team of oxen pulling a hay wagon.
  7. My Admiral would kill for a table like that ! 😃🤪 Beautiful table
  8. Your farm table closely resemble what we here in The Colonies call a "picnic table", which are in just about every public park/beach/playground area here. And in some private backyards.
  9. Is that like "2020 hindsight "?
  10. The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) School of Photography started a project in 1987 called Big Shot which created photographs on a grand scale painted with flashlights, flash bulbs and strobs. See the link for their examples.
  11. OH ! He means have one of these and call him in the morning !
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