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  1. Welcome Robert. nice job on your Constellation Well, I finally got all the lower gun ports cut out and lined. Don't think I messed it up too badly. Did have to do some sanding of the upper sills in order to get the cannons to protrude through the gun ports. Now I have to layout and cut out the upper gun ports. And the instructions call for the installation of the "clear" (manila colored) and dark (walnut colored) 0.5 mm thick second planking - more like a veneer than planks but it does improve the overall appearance.
  2. MUST READ bottom of sign carefully
  3. Lou, thanks ! I will probably be worm food when they call and tell me they have an appointment opening for me 🤭🤫
  4. In NY State we have 13 state administered vaccine administering site scattered across the state plus the pharmacies. Been checking the pharmacy sites (first you have to create an individual account for each of you at each pharmacy), one says " no appointments available within 25 miles for next 3 days", other one says "no appointments within 50 miles". The state sites are worse. One site in Buffalo 350 miles away (6 hr drive one-way) had openings in July, another by Canadian border 318 miles away had some opening I think in August. But nothing within a 1 hr drive of us within next month or two
  5. You guys are all lucky. Admiral and I are both eligible but still can't find an appointment even at the Walgreens 1/4 mile from us. 😟
  6. @ccoyle Chris, did you ever get the Corgi you wanted?
  7. You can also find basswood blocks at any store that carries wood carving supplies. It is used in woodcarving. Look for a Woodcraft outlet.
  8. Thanks ! Yes, it was good to get out in the brisk cold fresh air with friends for a change. You can read more about it at my good friend Brian Reid's blog White Wings and Black Ice . Brian has been researching and documenting the history of ice boating on the Hudson River. If you scroll down his pages to the "In their own words" documents he found and read about the Jack Frost racing the Empire State Express train of New York Central up river and beating it by about a quarter mile. Look for George W David's jr.
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