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  1. Here's a wild suggestion. Try the buffing rouge they use on a strop to fine polish the edge of woodcarving knives/gouges. Scrape some powder onto a piece of polishing cloth then use the cloth to polish the model.
  2. Progress has been slow for many reasons. One of which is the very poor English translation in the instruction manual and difficulty reading and interpreting the picture book instructions. As advised by a couple of modelers who've built this kit before me I have not glued the main decks or catwalks down - for now I drilled small holes and set some nails in to clamp them down until I figure out where the cannon go and get them installed, then I will come back and glue the decks and catwalks in place permanently. Some photos The other reason the shipyard slowed down is because we had to euthanize our 14 year old Corgi last Monday June 29th due to rapidly deteriorating health issues. She has been with us since she was a 6 month old puppy. Her other photo is my avatar photo.
  3. Actually Carl, there is no sweet taste or flavor in spite of the listed ingredients.
  4. My personal hamburger recipe is 2 lbs 80-20 ground beef, mix in 1 pkg of Lipton brand French Onion Soup mix, or their Beefy Onion soup mix, in powder form, knead well, shape into quarter pound patties and grill. The soup mix keeps the juices in so the burger stays moist. Great flavor. Oh ! Here in the "colonies" 80-20 ground beef means 80% lean beef and 20% fat (ground chuck).
  5. Haven't found a fast food burger joint around here that had a burger I liked. Arby's had a great BBQ sauce roast beef sandwich but their franchisees don't last long in my area for some reason. Carl's Jr opened a franchise here that closed 6 months later.
  6. Guess I must not be American, cuz I hate anything and everything Diet xxxxxx. Yuck !
  7. Ah yes ! A glass of Coca-Cola aka Coke, for example, is called "pop" in some parts of US and "soda" in other parts of US, Carl. Gets really confusing.
  8. Looks like a Carl's Jr soda cup to me, they are a large Hamburger fast food chain, had one here but it closed. Like Wendy's, Burger King and McDonalds
  9. Not your imagination Craig, they did it deliberately because we were pushing the ship builds off the list with our frequent posts. Happened as part of the "mass migration" of the two ship forums into era subforums. I had to go into all the builds I was following and click FOLLOW. Now I use the "show me all the thing I follow" search to find us. And for new builds I have to actually open the forum to see what is new.
  10. If you can find a pair of lint free white cotton gloves like they used back in the days of film photography, they well prevent the finger oils from marring the finish. Not sure if nitrile gloves would work. Nice finish on those outdoor photos.

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