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  1. Dear all. I feel the need to ask for your apologies because, although your wide acceptance and your kind words on my models, I can't be as much I would like in touch with you. You see I can speak and write only in German and I feel bad unable to respond direct and in personal on your comments, besides I might present myself at least as snob on other mates' models... So, I'm here, I watch and admire your models but I have to rely on the help of my good friend Thanasis to write you in English. Thank you all Panagiotis (by Thanasis)
  2. ... ... ... Thank you all who had the kindness to follow me in this journey. I'm leaving you for now but keep in mind, I have already something else in my mind... Thank you Panagiotis
  3. Hi all mates. I don't know about your countries but here, even some days before Christmas the weather seems rather like starting autumn... So last week I had the chance to test my model in the sea and as I had promised you, you can see the results in the below photos. Home and seashore preparation ... And here she goes…. ...
  4. Hi all mates. Thank you for being here all this time but unfortunately I'm not coming back with a test in the water. I spent summer with family and grandchildren and by the time the model was ready, the winter had already started. I don't know when a good day will let me see my model in the water but I promise you'll be just the next ones who will join my joy. For now I post some photos of the completed model and from my participation in an exhibition. Many thanks
  5. Thank you all for your comments. Patric, it's safer to look the things on my model...In a nudist beach you might get yourself misunderstood... Thanks
  6. Hi all. Secondary weapons….The last difficult build… There were 12 x 3-inch guns on the real ship, from which 8 were being exposed at the superstructure, while only the rest 4, were being covered… At first I had to build their stands at a truncated cone shape with an extension at the rear. Those stands were made by gluing seven small pieces of plastic. In a second try was constructed the body of the gun with the barrel. The barrels were bought from the market. They were barrels for 6 inc gun in 1:200 scale, which perfectly matched as barrels for 3 inc gun in scale of 1:10
  7. Thank you all for your comments - Likes. Tim the model in the case is the USS ARIZONA and you can see it in my gallery. http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/gallery/member/5339-panagiotis/ Thanks
  8. There are still some details to be placed as rails ropes wires but mainly the secondary weaponry. But that will be done when I come back from UK and my granddaughter's christening... Thanks
  9. It is not showing in many photos of the real ship but there were also four (4) large life rafts. Two were placed on the sides of the turret in the prow and two others on the sides of the rear cage mast. Those old life rafts used to be constructed by pieces of cork, while they had a wooden floor or a net. A piece of a thick wire gave me the shape of those rafts while the filling of the frame with tape and a wooden floor, took me to a decent (I think) result...
  10. Hi mates and thank you all. I'm almost there but still... As I'm reaching the end, it keeps moving further... Some more progress on details. Again by the help of real photos, I completed the two steam launches, some detailson the upper lifeboats and I set up the stern lifeboats on their cranes. ..............................
  11. Hi Again. Making progress, I had to build some more cowl vent heads. As you can see in photo of the real ship, there were four more of them in the upper deck. Having noticed their turning ability, I also accepted the challenge. Determining the diameter of the heads I firstly made a curved form from plastic and a related hole on a wooden plate. Then, I shape them by the help of a hot air gun (hair drier wasn’t strong enough) and by pushing thin pieces of plastic with the curved form, on the plate's hole. Eventually I cut the cup shaped pieces and I glued a piece of plastic tube
  12. Again by modifying some metal parts of an air conditioner unit (caps) I managed to represent the cowl vent heads. I made also some hard work, placing the RC mechanism inside the hull. That’s all for now… ............................ Thank you
  13. Hi mates, I'm late, but I’m back… It’s been a long summer, visiting family members in Europe…but there is some progress though. So I managed to build the searchlights (four on every mast) and the other navigation lights. I also made the lifeboats, by modifying some others from my spare box.
  14. Thank you all for your kind words... I just remind you that is as long as to fit exactly in the backseat of my car... Yes, she is a big baby.... Thank you
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