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  1. Well the thing is finally finished, though I will put a few rope coils here and there later today. It's quite a challenging model. As I have noted earlier in this log, the materials supplied were quite variable - some was really quite poor (some of the timber strip was unusable). The instructions were good and the parts list was really well done. This is how it's turned out. Here I have blue-tacked a very small crew member onto the deck to give some idea of scale. He is a 1:72 person and of course the model is 1:64. Once some of his 1:64 colleagues are delivered
  2. I have finally successfully ordered HMS Speedy. The difficulties with the security controls on credit cards have been resolved (almost all of which were my fault). Chris Watton has been has been superb in providing help with what as been a software problem out of his control. I could not recommend him and his company more highly. Looking forward to a happy New Year and a new ship to build.
  3. The anchors are finally rigged. It's turned out reasonably well. I think that's the end of ship-building for the year (and what a year!) and the beginning of three weeks at the beach - Pisco sowers, Sangria and perhaps a glass of wine. Happy Christmas and a far happier New Year to all. Bob
  4. Well the niggle got the better of me - as I knew it would. Doing it at this stage was a little fraught with anchors and other bits of rigging in the way, but I am now a little easier to live with. I should complete rigging the anchors which more or less finishes the whole thing except for some tidying up and doing a few more rope coils. We go to the coast, south of Sydney for about 3 weeks on Monday, so that will be the finish of boating until the New Year. By then I'm hoping to have a solution to the HMS Speedy problem. This is how belaying the main tack now look
  5. Jason: unfortunately you're right. My mistake was merely referring to the belaying points on sheet 9, which shows the tack simply belayed to the cleat. It pays to read the instructions alas. It MAY niggle me enough to redo it. Hardee etc. 1. In the photo the shackle is dry-fitted. It is now glued and flush with the deck. 2. I have covered all painted surfaces with flat polyurethane. 3. The way I have done it, mortars are effectively fixed by the sides of the housings. Look at the Jotika website for photos of the alternatives. Best of luck.
  6. Thanks Sam. Here is the lifting gear for the mortar 'covers'. A note of caution: the instructions specify the circular part of the eyelets as ringbolts(?) for lifting the covers. Alas, the hooks shown in the photo below will not fit into them. Fortunately I had some rings to replace them, but it was a bit of a pain. I am now working on stowing the anchors, and should have the whole thing finished by next weekend. One more annoyance is the inconsistency in the plans for the belaying point for the main yard ta
  7. Thanks Thomas and to others for your support. Encouragement is always appreciated. Granado is now almost finished. I will post a few more photos in the next day or so. Then, it's a matter of trying to organize a Speedy. Unfortunately it's unlikely to be this year.
  8. I am finishing off some random bits and pieces: the support for the ensign staff, the fish davit and the anchors. Here is how they turned out. I had a nice photo of the support and painted up and unfortunately I deleted it. This is an earlier photo. here it is: more civilized and dry-fitted. the fish davit. and the anchors. Unfortunately my purchase of HMS Speedy has run into trouble. I had hoped to receive it before we go away just before Christmas. I made a mistake in en
  9. The rigging of the driver gaff and driver boom is now finished, and the end is in sight. I have ordered the HMS Speedy from Vanguard Models, and hope it shows up before we go away before Christmas. In rigging the drivers, belaying the various threads is quite difficult as access is very limited. I now have to make up a fairly large number of rope coils, which, as I wrote earlier, is not one of my favorite jobs. Fitting them over the belaying pins in some of the pinrails is also problematic. Either the pins I are too large, or the holes into which they are fitted are a little
  10. Thanks for the kind comments Hardee and Joe. I'm just looking forward to finishing, then doing something perhaps a little different.
  11. Slow progress still. I seem to have spent most time making rope coils - not one of my favourate things. The driver boon has now been installed, but not rigged yet. It's slightly awkward job - access is difficult - and perhaps this may help someone. The thread upon which the parrel beads were loaded is about 100mm long. This enables the boom to be pulled away from the mast and made more accessible. The thread is passed through the second of the driver boom jaws, and the thread is then pulled taught (shown below). An overhand knot was then tied
  12. Thanks Bob and Peter. I did this (below) before I saw your replies. Unfortunately I cut off the threads too short to provide a more substantial set of coils. The result is probably adequate, but I wish I had seen your two solutions. I still may play with it a bit - along the lines you two have shown me - but I don't want to completely stuff it up. At the least I see from the photos I should improve their shape and positions.
  13. I have only just realised that I have almost finished. Here are the errors I have found in the plans - ie: inconsistencies between the instructions and the plans. Here is progress. Rigging the driver gaff is quite a difficult proposition. Putting the parrel in place is easiest by rigging it below its ultimate place on the mast, then moving it up. The following shows the complexity of its rigging - and there is still on
  14. Thanks Shipman, Brian and Sam for your comments. I am a bit pressed for time at the moment and will try to reply in a little more detail later. Briefly, Shipman - I now regret not looking at the Amati version of Granado. The materials etc. for the Vanguard(Amati Victory Models) were infinitely better, though of course it is a far more expensive kit. Brian, I think the substitutions are worth it, but I guess I'm biased. Incidentally there are a few inconsistencies between the instructions and the rigging plans that I will note later - not a big deal, but annoying.
  15. Rigging the mizzen topmast yard is now close to complete with the yard sheets and the cluelines done. While it has come out acceptably, getting the rigging correct while making sure the crossjack yard and the topmast yard both parallel and horizontal was not something I would like to do again. Moreover, belaying the lines to the centre pinrail ran up against the same belaying problem that I found with the jeer bits; not enough room. The holes for the pins are either too close together or the pins are themselves too large. Eventually I was successful, but it was rat
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