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  1. Thanks a lot Joe Am away at the moment. I'll reply in detail when I return home. Bob
  2. Thanks Thomas. A bit of encouragement is always welcome. I am now working on the messenger for the anchor cable. It's proving very awkward indeed. This is the port side. It doesn't look right to me. In the instructions there is reference to the 'inboard face of the standard' - which seems to be the support of the barrel. I can find no other reference to the term. Shown in the photos is my method, but it may well be wrong. Comment/help is very welcome. If it is wrong it may be undone easily - it is all essentially dry-fitted.
  3. The bowsprit is now permanently mounted. The gammoning proved a bit tricky as a result of the changes I made to the fittings around the bow. I will delay mounting the jiboom as long as possible. Sticking out as it does, it's like a magnet for destruction.
  4. Hi Peter I belatedly found yesterday afternoon that the crossjack yard and the mizzen yard are the same thing. I am now, of course, a far more knowledgeable person.
  5. Thanks a lot Joe. It didn't occur to me to look at the AOTS book.
  6. Thanks Joe. I have a problem the the plans - again. I cannot find the dimensions and detail of the mizzen yard on page 4 - where it should be. It is shown on plan 5 to be about 190mm long and the centre section looks to be 46mm (octagonal?) then 4mm tapering to 2mm. Does this appear to be correct? Does anyone have more information?
  7. Vane: the 'rope' wound around the bowsprit shown here, and those similar on the masts, is 'woolding' and the 'metal' (cartridge paper) hoops on either side are woolding hoops. Hope this helps. Kevin: thanks for the comment.
  8. Some progress has been made, but other things have intruded. I have concentrated on attaching the various blocks and deadeyes to the bowsprit. It has turned out acceptably, though I did a better job on Vanguard. Here is the result. At the moment the bowsprit has been dry-fitted. The photos show up the faults and there are a few small adjustments to be made as a consequence. I found the plans to be of variable quality.
  9. Well things didn't exactly go to plan. Christmas ended up being a non-event, but we eventually made it down the the coast last Saturday- unfortunately. We did however have two, pleasant, uneventful, though smokey days, and among other things, I made progress on a few spars. Then new years eve came - 40 deg. C - strong winds, power down (and will be for at least a week) and instructions to stay put as the access road and the main highway were both blocked. We were then told to evacuate on Thursday. We spent 4 hours in our car (along with about 300 other cars) waiting for the road to be cleared. We were supposed to go out in 30 car convoys escorted by police and fire vehicles. The fires had other ideas. Same arrangement Friday and after another 4 hours in the car waiting for access to the highway, we made it to the highway and home Friday night. It's normally a 2 1/2 hour trip door to door. People were wonderful - kind and considerate through all of this. The damage done we saw on the way home is beyond comprehension. Our house there should be OK, given its position, though embers are a problem as today is supposed to bee ven worse than new year. Anyway here is progress. Happy New Year.
  10. The shrouds are finally complete. I'm rather sick of the sight of them. The first two photos show one of the the main topgallant backstays. Any deck furniture to be seen in the background is dry-fitted. I'm hoping we can make our belated 'Christmas' trip tomorrow, and if so, will try to finish the various yards over the next week or so. Now here are the various shrouds.
  11. The mizzen topmast shrouds are now done. Working with 2.5mm deadeyes is fairly difficult. I discovered the holes for the lanyards are 0.5mm, but the wire used for the spacing jig is 0.6mm - so one of the holes had to be drilled to that size. Here's how they turned out. Again, they have not been finally tied off. I have a couple other photos, but as it took five attempts at downloading the one below, I think I'll call it a day.
  12. Well the fires didn't permit, so it's Christmas at home. For us it's a minor inconvenience - others are having a very, very tough time indeed.
  13. The topmast shrouds are now complete. They are not finally tied off. We are going away tomorrow for a couple of weeks (fires permitting) and I will leave them until we return. Sometimes the thread may stretch a little and I can then make any adjustments to the lanyards. I have redone the protective mesh on the tops and this time made a better job of it. Best wishes to all for Christmas and the new year.

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