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  1. Hi, Because of the ship model building, i am actually interested about everything. The history, the connections and the way of thinking. About why this was done. Helli
  2. Hello John, Thank you very much! Helli
  3. Hello, Can anyone tell me what the "red point" on the english flag means? Thank you Helli
  4. Hello Robert, As the previous speaker said, I´m sure you will make it. It`s very easy with filling and sanding. The planking looks very good and with patience the result will convince you. Helli
  5. Hello Robert, I like the planking very much. The wooden nails are great. It`s a shame that they disappear under the second planking. Keep it up. I`m already looking forward to the next step. Helli
  6. Hello, Now i have finished the main yard. First thing i did the yard. Afterwards i mounted the octagon and the iron fittings. I made these from shrink tubing. I made the quarter boom iron out of brass. Now i´m rigging the main yard. I will now be busy with rigging for some time. I will report again afterwards. Helli
  7. Hello, OK! Thank you very much for the photo. Then i really have to get over the cannon. That was what i couldn´t imagine. Helli
  8. Hello, In the pictures you can see what i mean. I come with the rope through the hole under the stairs and then go over the cannons to the attachment point. Have i understood that correctly? Helli
  9. Hello, How to drill a hole wasn´t my question. I wanted to know how to get from the hole to the attachment point with the rope. Helli
  10. Hello, I have a question for the HMS Victory builders. In the book "The Anatomy of Nelson´s Ship" on page 95 it is described how the sheet of the main yard run. Here is an excrept from the book. The standing part of the sheet is made fast to another eyebolt below the block. Forward of the block and above it there is an oblique lead lined hole through the quarter deck bulwark; the leading part of the sheet reeves through this hole and belays to a large staghorn on the quarter deck bulwark. Of course, i didn´t install this pipe. Now i am looking for an alternative method. And now my question. How did you solve it? Here are two more pictures so you know what i mean Thank you Helli
  11. Hello Robert, Many thanks. You don´t have to be afraid of rigging, you grow with the tasks. I am sure you can do it. This is only my first ship. Hope i do better with the next one. Helli
  12. Hello, Now I´m a giant step further. I´m finish with the dinghies. After that i continued with the braces. Here I have hung up a dinghy for testing purposes. Here i am at the buntlines and leachlines. Now the rigging on the fore mast is ready. Next i will start with the main mast. Helli
  13. Hello, Roberts Orca Thank you very much for the compliment. I made the rigging truck on the lathe. Now it goes on with the fore topgallant yard. Helli
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