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  1. Thanx. I, too, noticed the kit price differential and scale differential-twice the price. DiAgostini has the advantage of the online YouTube build videos. The Artesanialatina at $999 is almost as the DiAgostini which is $1299. This may have to do with quality of material or where the company is located. Maybe I'll save up for the DeAgostini. In the meantime I'll stick to You Tube Vasa video and books I can read along with haunting this site.
  2. Thanx for the welcome. I appreciate it. Looking at the You Tube videos of the DiAgostini build I can see what you mean. I am retired(I do care for my handicapped adult son) so I have the time and some money enough to get the kit and tools I need. Wondering, setting aside the price and scale difference, DiAgostini vs Billings, which is the more accurate kit? Quality of the wood? The casting? Instructions/plans? For me its all about the journey of the build. I do have Vasa I by Cederlund and Hocker for reference.
  3. I checked the links and understand. Chinese knockoffs are pandemic. I know of them in their auto repair incarnation. I will stick with names I read here. Thanx for the information. I'd rather buy the kit with the highest quality wood and fittings. As the rigging is so key to the character of the vessel I want to be as certain as possible I'm doing it right. I checked micro-mark for measuring/cutting tools/angles/squares and so on. They seem to have the best selection I can find. I have many basic tools but fairing the hull requires more than I have at this time.
  4. The only instructions are online. No hard copy. How do you rate the quality of the kit materials? If this is the best kit available I am willing to wait to accumulate the money.
  5. I have begun considering building a classic vessel. Vasa is my choice for its history and beauty. My skills are intermediate, or indeterminate, as my kids say. Which kit, price is secondary to quality, offers results I can be proud of? Are there tools unique to such ship?
  6. Remembering the contribution you Aussies made to WWII. I will try to post as I can. Not certain how to post pics. I will however post my MISTAKES as they are the real education.
  7. I started the kit. It was costly. Caring for my handicapped child put a stop to the build. Now I am ready to proceed. If I said I was confident I would be lying. So, I look here and on You Tube for information.
  8. Welcome from someone al,ost(69) as you are. Have you been to see the Cerberus at Half Moon Bay? I've heard of her. Anyway, you have a vast of vessels of Australian origin to model.
  9. I, too, am starting a New Bedford whaleboat, my second try. First was more than a disaster. I found some really good video footage on youtube about whaling and whaleboats, however I am not computer literate so I have no idea how to attach them. You can try New Bedford whaling as a start.
  10. Welcome to the site. I grew up in Chicago in the 1950-60's. I was a high school teenager when the '67 blizzard hit and the city stopped I remember someone built a boat of concrete to prove it would float. Anyway have fun with your new hobby. I live in Minnesota so I can empathise with your winters. Our advantage is that we are better prepared I think. Now that I don't have to work, I keep a couple days' food and so on just in case.
  11. THANK YOU. My father and his brother and my uncle served in the Pacific so this near to me.
  12. Welcome. Everyone is new one time or another. Saw the kit. I'm a youtube afficianado and I know there are youtube viking ship footage from building to sailing. May be worth watching.
  13. Welcome to a 'nautical news site'! Here is the latest in information on how they do that in the model ship building. See something interesting? Copy the name and do a You Tube search. Never know what you can find. Yesterday I was 69 and received my Model Shipways Bedford whaleboat as a present to myself. Loaded with the stuff of model builders. BTW and not to be forgotten the Australians' contribution to D-Day in all services. Looking forward to the battles for the Pacific. Who would have thought its the moslems who 'conquer' the islands.
  14. Welcome! I've been off and on with ship model building. Currently I'm doing some WW II models for the 75th anniversary. Wish there were a creditable HIGGINS BOAT kit and/or plans. From the Louisiana swamps to Normandy and Okinawa, this plywood boat was there. Then again, I'm an old(er) man(age 69).
  15. I, too, live in MInnesota, so...Hello! I found useful stuff just watching other modelers on YouTube. There's piles of people who do this work and I get to see which tools they use.
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