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  1. Welcome to a 'nautical news site'! Here is the latest in information on how they do that in the model ship building. See something interesting? Copy the name and do a You Tube search. Never know what you can find. Yesterday I was 69 and received my Model Shipways Bedford whaleboat as a present to myself. Loaded with the stuff of model builders. BTW and not to be forgotten the Australians' contribution to D-Day in all services. Looking forward to the battles for the Pacific. Who would have thought its the moslems who 'conquer' the islands.
  2. Welcome! I've been off and on with ship model building. Currently I'm doing some WW II models for the 75th anniversary. Wish there were a creditable HIGGINS BOAT kit and/or plans. From the Louisiana swamps to Normandy and Okinawa, this plywood boat was there. Then again, I'm an old(er) man(age 69).
  3. I, too, live in MInnesota, so...Hello! I found useful stuff just watching other modelers on YouTube. There's piles of people who do this work and I get to see which tools they use.
  4. To me scratch built means no pre-manufactured parts except for rigging and deck furniture. BTW you in the islands have a great 75th anniversary celebration coming soon. The role played by all navies, civilian and military can be easily overlooked. Start small, work up, never be afraid to ask questions or make mistakes.
  5. This is true craftsmanship. Good to hear from the world's most warred-on nation. Israel has a LONG history with vessels. Keep posting!
  6. Sounds like you are a man with a plan. I think Model Shipways is great because they will replace properly identified parts/pieces you may mess up. And yes, they do answer their own phone. BTW I spent a number of years in the Hoosier(who's your family) state known as Indiana.
  7. Welcome indeed! Your are in the home of the Merlin engine from WWII. Used in watercraft I don't know.
  8. Welcome! Just exactly is NW England? We're about two years apart and I served in the army europe from 72-74. I started with the whaler M.S. Morgan because I had interest since reading Moby Dick in 1966, then seeing the movie. Study-study-study. Ask questions.
  9. Hi! Always good to hear from a new person. Remember to DRY FIT before glueing. Measure twice, cut once. Have some bandaids available. LoL
  10. Welcome Horst. I was stationed in Germany in the early seventies. Germany/Bavaria have some awesome undisturbed forests. I have found over the years this hobby can be all consuming. Have you thought of scratch build? With your knowledge of woods and growing working skills this may be a way to go.
  11. Now that you are back - have at it!
  12. Welcome from a Chicago boy(age 68). I know modelers half your age who would give a lot to do as well as you do.
  13. I'm a BIG fan of Model Shipways because they have graded kits but will also send you parts if you goof up. Keep all of your documentation so you can request parts. They are a friendly, more family oriented business. Buy tools as you need them. Sometimes it pays to do the same kit twice to rehearse your skills. Things get too intense, walk away for a day.
  14. You are more than welcome. France has a nautical heritage sometimes overshadowed by the English. You sound like the type modeler who would not be satisfied with small ships in bottles.
  15. Welcome. Every mistake is a lesson learned. My dad's dad and his brother lived up there in Petosky. I remember seeing the bridge in the mid 1950's.

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