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  1. I know answer on my question. Thank you to all who answer and help me.
  2. Thank you, Frankie. It's really good clip and something was new for me. But this foremast. My question - it mainmast.
  3. Not bably, but it has to be mush better. Good luck.
  4. Sorry, but nothing new. How the rope is fixed in top and in a bottom? Knot or eyebolt? Or on another?
  5. Thank you for history, but... But how about my question? How connect top and bottom ends rope?
  6. Yes, but only 4-5 top hoops are sewn to a sail. The other are connected by a rope. About this rope and question.
  7. How and where this rope is fixed? I showed this rope red shooters. Thank you. P.S. If it is possible - in pictures.
  8. I have bought this book on Amazon. And when I was necessary information on sloop Gerrett, I have found the cut sheet. This sheet consists of 21-22 pages. You can see this on photo. Can anybody help me and do scan these pages? I want to restore the book. Book is: "The History of American Sailing Ships" By Howard I. Chapelle. Thank you. Alex.
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