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photoetch glue

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i am building the Benjamin latham from ms and also an oil tanker from Revel.on the tanker model i trimmed all hands rails and ordered some photo etch hand rail from tom model work scale 1/350 .my question is : i heard white glue is better for this work than cyano.what do you think ? thank you for your answers.

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Tasmanian, white glue will give you more working time with the PE. Even the thickest cyano will invariably set up before you get the PE in position.

Use a micro-brush to carefully apply some white glue where you intend to apply the PE part, let the glue thicken/set up and then attach the PE part. Put the micro-brush in water when you aren't using it to apply glue.

After you have attached your PE parts, go back and put a dot of cyano at the attachment point with a pin or unraveled paperclip. Better control of the glue.

Kind of a belt and suspenders approach, but it works well. :)


Another glue you might look for is called Canopy glue. The RC airplane crowd use it to glue canopies on :o . It looks to me like a thickened white glue.

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Probably also abit belated and slightly offtopic, but I have found that when attaching PE wall panels it helps to roughen up the surface. For this sandpaper will suffice, however I personally sandblast the piece.


Regarding glue I've found that security cable glue works excellent.

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