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POB/laser cut wood question

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I have just started my first plank on bulkhead kit, MS Bluenose.  It is also the first time I have dealt with laser cut parts. Does the char from the laser cut need to be sanded off?  I wondered if you will get the same strength glue bond with the charred wood left in place. 

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I would suggest sanding the char off just for the appeal factor most of all. It would be a shame to have the char visible once the model is built. Depending how charred it is (nearer black than brown) it can stain your fingerprints and dirty anything you touch. Doesn't usually effect gluing, however by sanding the edge means the wood is slightly more porous around the edges allowing the glue to seep in further. The laser cutter creates a thin barrier of sorts. 

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The charred edges certainly do affect the ability for glue to bond the planking to the hull frame. You shouldn't have to completely sand it off though, just enough to for the glue to sink beneath the char. 

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