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  1. Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer - with such meticulous answers. This has given me a good base to work on. I shall search for some of the suggested books. I've just commenced looking through the wealth of information that is in the archives. Apologies for any incorrect terminology I use - it will come with more research. I'm sure there will be more question to pursue.
  2. I have a question regarding the number of bulkheads in an admiralty model. The plans below have 18 bulkheads, but in most admiralty models there seem to be far more (check the image 2). What am I missing here - where do I get the profile for these extra ones?
  3. Thanks Yves. I hope the model is taken well at the 'New Blades' show in London. I am showcasing some of my other architectural work alongside. The interesting part now is travelling with it. Cheers David. The CD/Pan? Thank you Michael. It's been a pleasure learning how to construct models this way. Being my first time using a CNC and any fabric work I feel I've learned many new techniques. The custom crate is finished, measuring quite a size to accommodate for the mast. Had some minor problems with the thin board as it was bowing in, however that's been resolved with a few wood braces now. I'm in the process of arranging some packing to lock the hull in place and I may put some fabric on the inside of the box just incase it rubs.
  4. I've heard good things from DelftShip but never tried it myself. I might just download it and give it a try at some point. I look forward to your comments on it. How have you found the program? Cheers /Iain
  5. Thank you everyone. I'm very pleased with her! If you want any more images I'm in the process of updating my online portfolio. http://imacke.com/oyster-885.html @dvm27; Cheers dvm. It's been a great model to work on - and a pleasure to work on a modern design. @mtaylor; It does, I'm glad I went ahead with changing the base colour. @EJ_L; Thank you my friend. I'm glad you have enjoyed the build. I have enjoyed sharing it with you all. I will keep you updated on the next project. @dgbot; Spent a while in Michigan a couple of years back - as I have more family over your side than in Scotland now. I can imagine, I'd love nothing more then to lounge around and do some fishing on a yacht like this. @NavalArchAngel; Thanks. It's been an absolute pleasure to build and share. It has been pretty intense these past few weeks so I will have a gap after my London show and before graduating for a little holiday.
  6. Looking like a solid start. Rhino is a superb versatile program. I look forward to more.
  7. Today I can say I have finally finished this model. I'm very proud of the finish and it has been an absolute pleasure to build and work on. Would love to make another larger motor yacht next time using similar processes and machinery. There may be a couple more small details I'd like to add before I send it off. I will be transporting this model to London for my final end of year show, so it has to survive a 4 hour road trip in the back of a van. I've built a custom crate for it and will start getting some foam cut so that it slots into place. Cheers,
  8. Thanks again, I appreciate your comments EJ. I have a couple of details to add later this week and then I should be finished. I will be having a well deserved summer break and then find a job within the Modelmaking Industry in London. As for my next project, it'll take a while for me to settle into place. I'd like to try a traditional POF and hone my skills a bit more. Perhaps a cutter or similar sized ship to have some practise.
  9. Thanks EJ. I'm very happy with how she is turning out. Lets hope I get a good grade for it. Fabric has arrived. I've printed on a faux silk and have ironed it onto some interfacing to give it a bit more strength and rigidity. It is slightly transparent with light from behind but the interfacing prevents most of that now. Having never sewed before I tried the machine out and inverted the sails. I'd already added seam space in the design to allow for this. I've masking taped them on just to have a look and I'm very happy with it. Now it's time to get them attached.
  10. Been able to get back to work on the boat his week - inbetween making crates so that I can transport the model. I've added some railings that need to be soldered on and my sail fabric is on order. I'll pop up a couple more updates when it arrives. Cheers /Iain
  11. So i mentioned I'd get some better quality images up of the work so far. The molde photographs really well and once all the details, sails and rigging are on it'll come out a treat.
  12. This is marvellous work. The amount of details you have captured at such a small scale astounds me. Not an easy task I am sure. Very nice. I like the selection of a modern yacht as well.
  13. Thanks EJ. I'm glad your enjoying it Cheers michael. Not far off now. The next things in line are to create the file for the sails so I can have the fabric printed. Can anyone recommend me a goo fabric for this scale? I have handed in for deadline so it means I won't be able to work on the model for the week whilst they are assessing. After that however it's all go and I'll begin the detailing.
  14. Cheers EJ. It was quite a heart wrenching moment to shatter the keel like that. Thankfully although it hit my confidence it really pushed me to get it completed for deadline. I've done a dry assembly today to have a look what it looks like. The mast, spreaders and boom have been attached and painted. It's beginning to come together! Looks pretty similar to the renders which is good news. Stanchions have been added in and the deck is just double sided on at the moment for testing purposes. That final lacquer has really worked a treat

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