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  1. Yep!!!! I buy almost all my hobby goods from them. Ordered dozens of times, quick dispatch, never had an issue
  2. Obechi - similar to mukaly Annegre - same as tanganyka pretty much, same application, Billings use this for decking Bokapi - not sure Dibetou - a walnut Manzonia - similar to walnut Mukaly - yellowish wood, used for deck planking (constructo kits use this) Red Paduc - not sure but reminds me of sapele Tanganyka - very very common wood for deck planking, light brownish. Italian companies wood of choice for decking. Mostly these are African woods that are similar colours and properties. Check out Constructo and Billings kits as these woods are supplied with those kits.
  3. THe cardboard folder the instructions come in should have what the abbreviation stands for. If i recall correctly LN refers to walnut, but note that there are various different types of walnut that exist,
  4. The charred edges certainly do affect the ability for glue to bond the planking to the hull frame. You shouldn't have to completely sand it off though, just enough to for the glue to sink beneath the char.
  5. Nuestra Senora looks beautiful. Will there be an unboxing video of it? Is it possible to view elements of the construction? For example are the gunports laser cut templates?
  6. I have had no trouble at all sanding down the Mamoli metal frames with sand paper. The metal is quite soft. Just remember to do it before second planking.
  7. Those windows aren't really visible on the finished model anyway, between the ships wheel, cannons, deck, double staircase and mast there isn't much to see.
  8. Those are laser cut gunports that make up part of the second planking. The U shaped things are for the handrails.
  9. The metal gunports have a bracket at the back with a hole in the middle which you attach the dummy cannons to. The stern most gunport on the lower gundeck does look a bit too low i think. Did you run a couple of timber strips along the length? I actually didn't use the tab system and instead glue the top strip along the length, then glued the gunport to the bulkhead and then put on a wood strip along the length of the ship to touch the bottom of the gunports, then attached a vertical strip on the side opposite to the bulkhead. It seems sturdy enough and i found it easier than lining up
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