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Clipper ship


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There has been no reply to this inquiry. Rating ship model kits is not really what this site is about.  The site is little if any about competition at all.  It is about improving the skills, knowledge and resources of each of us through communal effort.


The way you ask this leads me to believe that you are a beginner in ship modeling.  A clipper is a major undertaking.  A wooden ship model, even as a kit is on a different level of effort and skill from most any other type.


Start small with a beginner lever kit.  A site search here should find several posts with advice on which are good choices.


If you have your heart set on a clipper:

Another way to get your feet wet:  start with a large scale plastic kit of a clipper.  BUT, after you complete the hull, discard the plastic masts and yards and make your own from wood.  Get one or more books covering the masting and rigging of clippers.  Be aware that golden age clippers like Flying Cloud, Red Jacket, Sea Witch -  are a bit different from later ones like Cutty Sark.  The rigging cord should be replaced with better quality and size appropriate material.

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