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  1. Devil is not sleeping ... or just retrograde Mercury ( who believe in Zodiac ... I do not ... until now ... still do not ... but ... ) Flood in the kitchen with 150 liters of water on the wooden floor ... a real party ... so Her Majesty is gonna rest a while until I finish this show and repair all damage See you soon, folks
  2. Thank you, Vlad. As I said somewhere in this, I think, the slowest build on MSW log, couple of years ago, I made terrible mistakes with lines of main deck, so, I decided to overdetail Her Majesty, to try to "pull up" whole thing. That approach lead me to this ... ant work ... (which is, really - nothing, comparing what, for instance, MSW member Igor Sky do!!!!) However, it is fun to test your own limits, and to learn. Thank you for watching and following
  3. Atttempt No 4. and that is final solution. I just can't do it better. (for now 😁). Top and the bottom are soldered, another little beadt are glued with CA. Acryl paint will harden all structure. All made from brass wire 1mm and 0,3mm.
  4. Artempt no 3 (right) More elegant and much better But ... WITH MISTAKE !!!! So, here we go again 😭😭😭
  5. Attempt No2. A bit more elegant, much stronger. Yesterday I made this from toothpick and 0,3mn wire, today from steel large paper clip and staples. As usual with me, obviously there will be attempt No 3 as final
  6. And finaly ... Maybe, if I find a way to make it more elegant ... Once upon a time ... Maybe
  7. Slow, but forward, with many embarrassing factors. One of this is, adding one more to my 100 hobbies ... Mobile phone Photography, taken on my trips and travelings around Serbia Pretty contagiuos ... particullary when you find that you can produce some really nice photos ... Enjoy, if you like
  8. Next attempt, with holes for little hooks, drilled before soldering, and with front cover. Dia of rings: 4mm upper, 5mm lower. For me, it is impossible to solder hooks on rings in this scale, so I decided to drill holes, and to mount hooks after final mounting when time comes to mount whole spar on it's place. In next post you will see what I mean. In this point rise question about material for hooks, which max dia is 1mm. For now, I am considering posibility to make them from staples 😲
  9. Metal works on bowsprit, attempt.no 1. Rings are 5mm dia and 4mm dia Made from folder mechanism 🤪
  10. Hello and good luck. Answer to your questions, particulary colors, depends how you imagine your model to look like - in which period of Her life. I have done some research, and decided to show her in present stage, mainly there are many useful photos if Her on internet "Coopering" ... 4000 pieces to put them in scale as on C plans ... a lot of them... If you are not a kind of "hot head" self testing monkey as me, main filter what to do or not is simple question - will it be visible at all? Pls let ne know when you start your log All the best
  11. Testing jib-boom. Seems to be ok. And full future lenth of Her Majesty can be seen for the first time
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