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    Don`t like cheap fun of every kind, don`t like reality show of any kind and stupid entertainment for the masses. Don`t like politic demagogy lies and stealing, criminal of any kind ...

    Just usual man dropped from moon to earth

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  1. Ou, yeah! With all sails and with stunsails too !!!! Ambitious madman
  2. Hello Mark. Considering I finally have a cell phone with usable camera (NOKIA 6 with 16MP camera), last year, I added to my list with 1000 hobbies - photography! Read and learned something about, experimenting, editing photos a bit, and here it is. But, question arrise - how to extend a day? 🙃
  3. In middle Serbia, near little town Despotovac. Spring of Krupaja river. Deep more than 300 ft with caves underground
  4. Side slide from bussines trip to one magic place
  5. So, here we go ... some kind modelbuilding for dummies I hope you will, and I kindly ask all of you, as much experienced modellers, to check attached photo, and to correct me with adequate names of masts and yards Little explanation. My country is continental, and throught the history, sailing with clippers particulary was not possible, so, in Serbian language, there are not adequate terms for this I made some kind of draft drawing, just as reminder of order for further research of any particulary part, as beggining and entrance to deep and dark forest named masting and rigging
  6. Hello to all I am forcing myself to learn about masts, yards, spars, rope lines, sails, and all little parts, about which I know - absolutely nothing! A lot to learn about, particullary because for a most of them, there are not Serbian words Enough for solid headache I thing that, without understanding what really happens there, it can not be done on adequate way. Also, informations I collect can help me to decide what to make accurate, and what not to make, or to make in artistic or apromaximate way Time demanding stage of build, in my case. All is, on some way, connected with all another ! Wish me luck and patience
  7. No, I wouldnt. Depends of scale. In my case, scale is 1:100, all planks are almost in scale, and nails on that scale will be unvisible, and if you made nails to be visible (two of them on every plank edge, and on other places) all look and feel of deck, and final colour of deck will be different and quite messy
  8. And finaly, all decks are full, boats on their places with all spare yards all arround, also glued on their place Only boat and anchor davits left to be mounted, but I am thinkin about solution to left them for later work, to avoid damage during rope work which is in front of me And new "look and feel"
  9. Sometimes, I ask myself - can building of Her Majesty be a bit faster? Answer is … hmm … Beside regular daily activities ( time very demanding job, regular home works), this mad man (me), is running in bilion hobbies, and has billion interests Paralell with ship-modeling, there are: painting&drawing, collecting sorting and listening to music ( more than 90GB on my PC, with more than 12.000 mp3 files), playing a guitar more than 40years, reading books ( Yalom, Staring at the Sun is actual now), writing and publishing short stories (more than 130 published until today on my FB page), history research (WW2 mainly), cooking, gardening, walking on long walks with my Bobtail Rhea, makeing furniture, modeling in wood and siporex, computers and mobile Phones, chess game, sudoku extreme, travelling in Serbia and arround, swimming, photography, theater, opera, ballet, cinema … And my days are very short So, my last project which occupies me this days … power of transparency of acrylic paints Knowing me, I`ll be back soon to Her Majesty

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