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  1. Nothing lost For now 😁 Glue-game starts In a few days, I'll make some photos. In mean time, I uploaded short video with present stage on my FB and Instagram profile
  2. Some adds for my Dremel 😀
  3. I was in similar situation, and find solution in posts here on MSW with adding extra "ribs" Maybe something simillar can helpAnd be very very careful ... any, even minor mistake in hull lines, results in gigant problems latter, and wirh many many repairs. I was in that swamp, with unwanted conseqvence - twisted deck, forced to rebuild fore and after deck, twice - both!!!
  4. Finaly, one of the most important milestone is near Haveing made a stairs for front deck, I finished making all parts of main deck content Now, just to clean dust, and "Lego" game can start. I have to glue all parts, and, o happy me, I can proceed to next stage - masts and spars
  5. Chimney, done! Maybe, to make one more for smoking? ☹️
  6. Thank you for your interest, Denis My work flow very slow, so it passed a long way I was talking about my big mistakes from begining of build, which, if you can remember, were appointed to "lost hull lines". Particulary, consequence is that whole deck is, let`s say - twisted , and when I realise that, it was too late to correct this, and needs very very very deep surgery , even starting over from zero . Maybe it could be better solution, maybe not. In that stage of build, I didn`t have Dremel and other tools I can use to correct this, on relative easy way. So, here we are, where we are I think that in mean time, I succed to make all other things acceptable and, I fell free to say, nice looking, so, exit was in over-detailing, and pay attention to details as much as I am able to do, with vile idea to cathch attention of people who look at Her in different direction Just to remember, and as "how not to do" lesson to one who use only a bit of brain as I did, here are the pictures that show consequences - rail on fences has to be paralel to the deck, and in my case .... OMG ... arrows show where you can brightly see mistakes (Just ignore crowds on deck) However, lesson learned, having in mind that, from mentioned reason, I will have some kind of devil`s party, when i start with ropes
  7. Forgot to mention Eye-bolts are point where is (for me) impossible to stay on scale. According to photo from deck, they are about 5-7cm dia, which means that on scale 1:100, that should be 0,5-0,7mm dia, which is too small, and useless for any purpose on model So, I decided to oversize them a bit, making them from 0,5 Cu telephony wire, with 1mm inside dia
  8. Thank you dear friends One step more Eye-bolts for main deck - done 26 of 26

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