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  1. Monkey (me) see, monkey (me) do ... First Anubis went to one lady as birthday gift, but ... I also want to have Anubis !!! So, here is another one, doubled, 60x90 cm Adn it is finaly time do leave my side projects and to return to her Majesty
  2. I agree !!! Maybe - just start with your work, and your model will show you what tool you need in exact stage of build
  3. What I did today? Finishing my side project, caused with attack of creativity Meet Anubis Stirofoam 60x90 cm
  4. And another side attack of creativity ... (Her Majesty cried ...) I wrote about flood in flat and replacement 50m2 parquet ... Somewhere i garage, there are still few leftovers of styrofoam 10mm, and from repairing day, I was wandering from time to time how to use them, and for what. And, my mind wheels kicked out idea ... My living room was arranged in minimalsitic style, and it will be good to have something white monochromat with shadows playing on it. One day, I was reading something about ancient Egypt, and this picture appear ... Hmmm ... not bad idea ... I did neccessary drawings in AI, printed them ... and it stand couple of months in some corner waiting for realisation ( what glue to use, how to cut ... etc) Yesterday I decided to try with fast glue for wood, and here is phase 1 Above all expectations! Next stage - corrections and painting to white stone colour And Her Majaesty is angry, now ...
  5. Side project going forward Learning with exercise in engraving, to become familiar with my dremel, until time to make Nanny comes
  6. Another unexpected stop I am happy winner of big and painful stye (Hordeolum) on my right eye .. caused by sawdust ... and dirty hands in workshop ... and ... Wear protective glasses during carving !!!!!!
  7. Some parts I made in 3th or 4th attempt, until I get what looks good. But, when rope's lines get there, maybe it will be more attempts
  8. Making masts, some queations appear. Pretty enough for mind blow and head ache. Look at this detail. And that is not only ... Dia of fore mas bottom in my scale is only 8mm There are placed two rings with pins and and with bumch of little rings. How should be dia of those little beasts? Pins lenght - 1mm? It is not problem to fake, and to make something to look as it should look. But, how to make it to be functional and strong enough to put end of ropes lines there ... How thin ropes have to be? As a hair, or less? Hmm Will it help if I enlarge dia of mast to 10mm? I don't think so? Dark side, dark side, dark side ... Hmm again
  9. 5 of 9 parts - done 4 to go Middle section of fore mast
  10. Made some nice photos walking with the beast
  11. Maybe it will be useful for someone ... The mini lathe is too expensive a toy for most amateur modelers, at least in Serbia. On the other hand, while preparing to make the masts, and based on Campbell's plans, using Adobe Illustrator, I found that each of the 9 parts of the three masts has its own special dimensions both at the base and at the top, and that all parts are conical. To do something like that without a lathe is quite optimistic, so I thought for a long time how to solve it. At some point, it occurred to me to fasten the required piece of shape into the jaw of an ordinary home drill and to process it there with a knife and sandpaper. Hell, slow and inaccurate. Then it occurred to me how to speed up the process with greater precision. I put a rotary sandpaper roller in the Dremell engraving tool, and adjusted the home drill to rotate in the opposite direction from the Dremell tool, and ... bingo! It works perfectly! The fact is that the wood dust flies in all directions, so I recommend working with goggles, but we love that smell, right? By regulating the speed and speed of the drill and the Dremell tool, the precision of work is also regulated. Periodic diameter checking is implied. This mode of operation enables precision of the order of 0.1-0.2 mm, which is more than enough Of course, in the end there is a fine sanding and trimming. The photo shows the basics of this mode Enjoy the smell (and taste) of wood dust! And until this morning I was wandering where my Bluetooth adapter vanished ...
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