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I'm scratch building Emma C. Berry from Lankford's plans for Model Shipways.  I'm up to the point of building the windlass and gotten a treasure trove of good info from the Chicago area clubs but any further info, especially pictures, would be gratefully received.  Thanks!

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Walt -


Here is a picture from the 1930's that shows part of the windlass.  May be of help in determining what the original windlass looked like before restoration etc.  Can not guarantee this is what was originally installed in 1866, but a good starting point.




You may also be interested in an article from the Mariner's Mirror (most recent issue):


Harland, J. H., 2015: The Evolution of the Windlass in the Nineteenth Century. The Mariner’s Mirror, 101, 38–62, doi:10.1080/00253359.2015.994874. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00253359.2015.994874(Accessed April 29, 2015).


There are numerous illustrations of various models from the 1800's that may be of use.


Hope this helps!


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