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Info on Dusek ship models ?

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I was just browsing Model Expo and saw that they are carrying a brand I had never heard of  Dusek  , I was wondering if anybody had any experience with this manufacturer .   They seem to have some interesting subject matter when I checked out the website ( dusekshipkits.com)      Steve

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i never seen this manufacturer, but they are based in Czech republic, so postage to Canada will be pretty expensive, i think...


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Here's a link to their home page. I have the kit of the cog and must say it's really nice. I wrote a review of the kit for Modellmarine.de. Perhaps you get an impression of what you will get, if you buy a kit.

Regards Christian


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Hi Folks

 Found this forum while looking for info and/reviews on Dusek Models.. Was on holiday in Spain recently and picked up their Golden Hind for 99 Euros @ £75.00 at then Exchange rate.,, Postage not a problem, stuck it in my case.


First impression is that its an excellent well thought out kit..


 Only one thing in it has caused me to re-think my building techniques. The hull is single planked with 3.2 mm high quality walnut.. I am currently going through options on how to plank,any tips welcome 

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