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  1. A really wonderful model have you build from the old Revell-model. Is there also a build-lög on MSW? Christian
  2. Hi Tony, a really wonderful buildlog and a beautyful model. It was a pleasure to read through your log. The fashion piece is really tricky. It took me also a litttle time and some hints from druxey, until I understand how it works.
  3. Wow, that was a lot of progress in the last few month. Your model looks so beautyful. Viewing on the pictures is a big motivation to continue woith my own model. I have one question: where did you get this beautyful guns?
  4. I understand what you mean. That's also the reason, why I didn't start building the Oseberg or one of the other bigger viking ships. The stopped Skuldelev III was a not so nice experience. But I love this kind of klinker build ships. But before I go back, I will finish my HMS Triton; but this project needs some more years to complete.
  5. Thanks for sharing the photos. The decorations are really nice. The lion looks special on the drawing. At the first looking I thought, it's a horse.
  6. Do you want to build the keel from different layers? The only point for me to use a layer is the really complex design of the stemdecoration. If you have a colser look to the original stem you can see that it is very thin at front. I hope that you need to much time, to start your build log. I am very interested so see, how you proceed.
  7. That's a nice idea. I am also building the cog "Wütender Hund". But if someone needs some picture of the Kamper Kogge, I made some pictures during a small trip in my holidays.
  8. Chris, I am not shure if I understand your problem right. I had saturday the opportunity to make a short trip with the replica "Kamper Kogge" and that is what the shrouds are looking on the real ship. So don't worry if they are not really parallel.😉
  9. This looks so beautyful, Kris. Please check the position of the frame. If it is the position of the middel frame near by the mast, it has a slightly different design. Before drawing the frames I would add the clamps on the planks to bind the frames. Than I woud add the mastspoor. The frames are not sitting perpendicular to the keel. I could not see, if you remember this small detail. I don't know if you answered the question: which software do you use for the drawings?
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