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  1. I am further busy with sanding the hull. The starbordside is finished. At the port side some further sanding at the stern is necessary. It's a lttle bit difficult to get this really smooth with stem glueded in place.
  2. Hoi Jan, hartelijk welkomen in onze groep en veel plezier bij het bouw van deze mooie model. (welkom in our group and a lot fun building this fine model)
  3. Today I found time to sand the first half of the hull. After removing the adhesive tape at the keel I have to sand a little bit at the stem. Those who can read have a clear advantage. 😉 If you see, I didn't follow Chucks advise, I simply overread this. So I copied the marks on the other side of the frames.
  4. The planking is looking great. Do not to much work on one side. An old modeller told me that it is better to work symmetrical on both side to avoid torsion of the hull.
  5. Welcome on the shipyards. It will be nice if you can share some bigger photos.
  6. Wow, the cannons are looking great. I like the natural carriage. It will be a nice contrast to the hull color.
  7. In order to be able to securely fasten the model to the stand, two recesses for nuts were milled into the keel board and two holes were drilled for M3 threaded rods. Today I glued the ribs into the prepared keel board. For the right-angled alignment I built small auxiliary constructions out of Lego bricks.
  8. What you see, comes mostly from the laser. It doesn't cut perpendicular to the wood. After a little bit of sanding the outside is looking fine. This is the stem of my model build with the parts, Chuck provides.
  9. The planks at the bottom of the hull are krawel planked. So I think it is a good idea, to add some real frames to your shell.
  10. With the plans from Werner Lahm, you have the best source you can find for the Bremer cog. I Will follow your build with great interest. The plans are also the basis for the replica's in Germany. I've published a pert of the foto's I did from the original ship at Modellmarine.de.
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