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Clueline and Sheets

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Hi Jason,


on page 83, (Lennarth Peterson, Rigging Period Ship Models), it shows the clue block with a loop downwards that usualy goes around the eye in the topsail lower boltrope sail corner.

The topsail sheet goes upwards with a large stopperknot at the end. This stopper knot can just as well go through the clue block`s loop, so you get the connection clue / sheet when there are no sails rigged.



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Nils, thank you!  What I have just realized is that those diagrams also include the bolt-rope on the sail which caused my confusion.  So it seems the situation is as follows, the Sheet terminates with a tack knot, and the knot is secured into a loop built into the stropping of the clue line block.  This is illustrated on page 49 of Petersson.  The situation for the top-gallant sheet and clue-line is not illustrated, but if the logic of the situation for the topsail sheet and clue continues, then the top-gallant sheet would also terminate in a tack knot, but this would be secured into a loop in the top-gallant clue line as it seems no block is used in this circumstance (extrapolated interpretation of Petersson page 50)

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