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  1. lovely rigging, very realistic looking !! Nils
  2. Very nice model, congrats... Nils
  3. Many thanks for your kind words Martin, I also had a look into your Fly build, it`s much impressing to see the progress to date, it looks great.... Nils
  4. Hi Ras thanks for looking in and I`m pleased that you liked the build so far...... For Ref. to the fishes I found some in different scales at Hobby-Lobby-Modellbau webshop : http://www.hobby-lobby-modellbau.com/onlineshop/index.php/cat/c556_Diverses-Zubeh-r.html, those are in plastic though For Ref. fish in etched brass see Modellbau-Kaufhaus webshop https://shop.modellbau-kaufhaus.de/schiffsmodellbau/fischerei Hope this will be of help, and good success with the catch Nils
  5. Hello Matthias, yes, it would be great if you would send a build log on this site...... I think there would be many followers Nils
  6. Hi Denis, we have`nt been writing for quite some time, but thanks for your words and for looking in again... Stay well Nils
  7. Hello Matthias, thanks for your words, I`ve also been looking at your Zeesboot Model, very nice indeed and super handcrafted ! Greetings, Nils
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