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  1. I love the precision of your work Daniel, The wonderful framing work combined with top accuracy of your (single planking !! ) hull skin is high skill artwork Nils
  2. Super build Dan ! those boats, rafts, davits and all those fine detail look great, very nice work Nils
  3. Many thanks Pete and B.E. for your nice comments... also thanks to all the "likes" for pressing the thumb up icon... Nils
  4. thanks for catching up Pete... I`ve been tied in with so many other things the last days, so the decking of the Zeesboot was cooking on small flame. Now on stb. are fitted the edge planks and the first regular plank, beginning from stern. It looks a bit untidy in the moment, due to the cured out CA used, because of the tensions through the curving, but sanding and scraping will be done at a later point in the process. I have to work around the flat brass members sticking upwards from the ply deck, and I have a good feeling that they are safely anchored to the supporting deck structures below. Caulking is done with a soft HB pencil Nils the blackened Fittings hold the shrouds, the ones momentarily still in brass hold the foot-rails leaving a horizontal gap to the deck, to hawse the overcoming water quickly the 3 mm wide edge planks (1,5 mm thick) are from beechwood, they come out a bit darker after varnishing, and the 3 mm wide deck-planks will be of 0,7 mm thick pine The little gaps in the deck, next to the brass fittings are closed with little ply bits
  5. Thanks for showing your work at a early stage with aquarell paintings..... Nils
  6. Good work B.E., Those 29 mm barrels of RB look just right to the eye !! Nils
  7. it looks super Antti, nice lapstrake planking Nils
  8. Good morning Pete, many thanks for your words, and your nice idea ref. to smoke and sound... much appreciated... I will save it up in my mind, just as for the oily cloth you once mentioned. My next activities will be to carry on with the decks planking, I`ve been postponing this for quite some time already, but need to "jump into the cold water now", before concentrating on rigging and sails Nils
  9. Hi Pete, I have high respect for your wise decision to abbandon your "Bluenose project", after investing so much and enthusiastic input so far. Its a pitty at that scale that its probnaly too large for a full rigged stand-model instead. Do`nt be sad, you`ve gained a lot of experience down the way.... I would also be interested if there were a way (PC program or so) to determine in advance the max possible displacement (weight) for not exceeding the construction waterline. This would of course include an external ballast weight, to compensate the lateral point of the common sail area at tlting angle, for a RC sailing models. I saw a report of the rather large RC sailing pilot schooner model "Hesper" and all these thoughts came to mind..... Nils
  10. many thanks for catching up Pete, thanks for commenting the oven and other details...., and yes the etched fish will be used, I will try to pad them up a bit with Fimo clay and bake it over if it works, to get them a bit more flechy 3D looking. I also wanted to do some eels wiggling in the fish boxes. I have ordered some reddish (bordeau colored) cotton cloth for the sail making, but may also try a more brownish tinted color, perhaps even two colors on the 5 sails, like some of the actual Zeesboots have Nils waterkettle (scale 1:24) for tea or coffee making oven chimney tube revoveable chimney-tube rain cover
  11. Hi Martin, thanks for your check-in, and for your nice comments... For further fitting out gadgets I was searching for an oven (Cabin heating and boiling up water for tea / coffee). I was looking for doll house furniture or so, etc... but these were all in wrong scale 1:12 Then by luck found one in brass at Ebay in scale 1:24, did a bit of modification, painting to it, built a setz off tube over the cabin roof leading chimney tube, and here we are... Even found a small waterkettel in scale 1:24.. the fire extinguishers and the ax are also in the correct scale. I`m also looking out for some red/brown polyester or dralon cloth (surplus rest bits from an actual sailmaker) for making the sails from. Also many thanks to all who clicked the "likes" Nils one fire extinguisher near to the engine and gasoline storage the chimney top will be modified this view into the cabin is from the outside, here without the ladder

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