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how to line the water line on bulkhead

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im working on the rattlesnake (model shipways)

now i need to line the water line on the bulkhead(Horizontal line) and the center line (vertical line)

is there some way how to mark the lines of the center (vertical line) and the water line (Horizontal line)?

i mean how to copy the lines from the plans :)

thank you,


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hello everyone


I thought of the idea and it works great !


1.make a photocopy of the bulkhead from the plans with the lines (of the center and WL)

2.now you need to paint the other side of the copy on the direction of the lines from the copy side by PENCIL

3.put the copy on the bulkhead with the lines outside and the pencil "paint" inside 

4.Now take a ruler lay it on the line and just mark the line with a pencil

5.by doing step 4 when you marking the lines on the paper you also marking under the paper Because the other side "paint" by pencil 


best regards 


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