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  1. Dwight, Very nice build, and also very nice train layout. And it looks like you also collect vintage cameras, up on the shelf. This kit is also on my list of models to build.
  2. note this last entry on the World in Scale page: UPDATE 12.03.2019: The limited edition will include a LED lighting kit for the interior! Limited first edition wants to include a LED illumination kit for the interior
  3. Paul, I seem to recall somebody a while back said a kit maker wouldn't reply to an email in English. Don't remember who. Anyhow, just for giggles, you might try "Google translating" your message into Spanish and see if that elicits a response.
  4. I received Kurt’s flash drive version of building the Chaperon kit - it’s on my long term building plan. A quick look was most rewarding. I’m sure it will be an immense aid. 😀
  5. Bruce, Congratulations on a truly fine build. I've been following it and I'd love to build this when I have the skills some day. I love the little details like the posters and the soot around the grates in photo #9, all the figures, and on and on. Well Done!
  6. Jo I saw you posted on Bindi's build log which has been inactive for may months. Try sending a PM (Private message) as her profile seems to still be open. Click on her picture, and it should take you to her profile, and then look for the "message" box and send your note. Maybe it'll find it's way to an inbox she monitors...... Good Luck with your build
  7. Depends on where you are when you regain consciousness
  8. Psychiatrist - Someone who solves problems you didn’t know you had in ways you can’t afford.
  9. Could be, Ron - I haven’t been on one in maybe 25 years.
  10. Back to the Catalina 27 - is the bulkhead between the V-Berth and main salon structural or just a partition? With your skills, if it’s just a light partition, you could make it go away....
  11. Forgive me if this has already been posted, but: "If it weren't for bad luck - he wouldn't have any luck at all"
  12. I have both Safari and Chrome on my iPhone Safari doesn't offer translate, at least not where I can find it. Opened the Russian site in Chrome, and got a pop-up that offered to translate it - and it worked, too.
  13. From those pictures it looks like I wasted a lot of money on workbenches and stools and such.
  14. Ratlines -- We don't need no stinking ratlines.

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