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  1. I like the one they call the Quasar, with the 6 LED's around the frame. Micro Mark is one supplier: https://www.micromark.com/Quasar-Lighting-System-for-Optivisor?gclid=Cj0KCQjwyLDpBRCxARIsAEENsrLDhBwUahjs1Q803RRsoqXZJst80AnH3OquphONupWN3kehKJh_Bx0aAi1tEALw_wcB It doesn't stick up and out in front like the single light above the center, and gives nice flat shadow free light.
  2. I just went back to the December 2017 photos to remind me what "before" looked like. What a transformation! Well done. Enjoy
  3. Jo, Just stopped by to take a look, and you've really made a lot of progress. And I agree, the planking looks very good. It's all coming together nicely and hey, you grow more blood every day so don't begrudge your ship a few drops now and then. Keep up the good work,
  4. Now, that WAS a Yacht. https://www.sail-world.com/news/217951/Superyacht-My-Song-falls-off-cargo-vessel
  5. In my sailing day, we used to say "you're allotted a certain number of days on this Earth, and days spent on a boat don't count."
  6. Let me give you one more possibility. Clockmakers supply houses used to carry "bushing wire" which is basically thick walled brass tubing in small sizes. I don't see it anymore in US vendors' catalogs, but Meadows and Passmore in the UK has this: http://www.m-p.co.uk/muk/parts/chap10/bushing-wire-x-2pcs-1.75mm-od-0.50mm-id-0558017515.htm and this: http://www.m-p.co.uk/muk/parts/chap10/bushing-wire-x-2pcs-2.50mm-od-0.65mm-id-0558025015.htm They offer a range of sizes from 0.80 mm to 5.0 mm but unfortunately, no 2.00 mm OD but if you can fudge on your scale size a little, you get the rod pre-centerdrilled and just have to groove and part it off. Good Luck,
  7. How about if you chuck up a piece of the 2mm rod with the end centerpunched, in the Dremel, in the drill press, and then firmly chuck, clamp or whatever you have to work with, the bit for the center hole, taking care to get it vertical and lined up with the dimple in the end of the rod. Lower the spinning rod down onto the stationary bit, and drill a hole deep enough for a few sheaves. File a groove, part off a sheave, and continue, deepening the hole as required, until you have enough to mess some up and still have enough to finish the job.
  8. Dave, Any useful possibilities for you here? https://www.cityofmadison.com/metro/paratransit
  9. Dave, Around here, there are Service organizations that can provide free or very inexpensive rides for Seniors and Handicapped to Dr's appointments, and they have vans with lifts if needed. Maybe there's something like that where you live? Check with AARP or your County or City. I used one for a few visits when I first got home from rehab for my spinal cord injury, until I learned to walk again. Good Luck,
  10. How about buying a few of these brass blocks in a size you can use (they list 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6mm) "liberating" the sheaves and building your own blocks around them? That would obviate turning them. Just a thought,
  11. Along with researching the gun, you might try to research who has lived or worked at or near that driveway over the last 70 years - Maybe a serviceman who pried it off for a souvenir of his service? Just a thought; it's a fine piece of history.
  12. Jo, Just got back for another look at your build, and you've been making a lot of good progress. Regarding the lower deck and your concern about the appearance - if any of it will be visible when the model is finished, how about adding some cargo to break up the bare expanse of that deck. I'm thinking you could make some crates, sacks, barrels, etc and stow them down there, where the viewer could see them, before you close it all in. And if none of it will be visible when the model is finished - chalk it up to experience and move on. You're doing great.
  13. Well, if you made a career in medicine, you can tell her "Yes, but they paid for themselves many time over"
  14. Julie, Looks like you may have a winner there. Personal choice, I guess, but I always preferred quarterberths to V-berths, and the storage and 2 hanging lockers would appeal to me. The main salon is moved forward, tho, and mast right in the middle of it is, well, something else again. Is that keel "shoal draft", or shallow enough for your needs? And it looks like partial battens on the leech of the main. Does she come with a full suit of sails? Or roller furling headsail? Can you get this one surveyed more thoroughly than the other one? I do hope this one passes inspections and works out for you. Before I retired, I lived in SF Bay area, and belonged to a charter club. We'd just gather a crew, bare boat charter what we needed for the size of the crew, and go for day sails or weekenders. Many good times and memories. And I never had either of the 2 best days of boat ownership.
  15. Brian, sorry to hear she’s having such a rough time with it. guess I got off easy with mine. sounds like she’s turning the corner, now

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