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  1. How about putting those erasers on a length of dowel and get rid of the metal eraser band?
  2. Bill, Please post info on the Tube supplier Thanks
  3. Some of the lo-flo shower heads have, or used to have a removable restriction orifice (just a metal disc with a pee stream sized hole in it) at the connection; perhaps yours does.
  4. I was curious about the photos in Merchen's last post so I took the liberty of running his comments through Google Translate and got: My visit to the most beautiful marine museum in Istanbul, where I am preparing for my new model. It will probably start in two years. I have selected two blueprints for the ceremonial barques, one of which I will build. I am very excited about the museum and the people who work there. I have never seen such an exemplary appearance of people and I can only recommend everyone to visit the Naval Museum in Istanbul. I'll look forward to seeing the model.
  5. I like the layout but I’d suggest more lights and power outlets. If you can, I’d suggest putting the LED lights full length down both long sides and also across the end over your computer disk and library. And outlets on the other side where the bandsaw etc are, and convenience outlets elsewhere. You can’t have too many. Task lights, Dremels, chargers, music, coffee pot, etc - they all need to be plugged in. And when I did mine, I ran 2 power circuits all around so Adjacent outlets are on different breakers, and lights on another circuit so if I amp out a tool, the lights don’t go out with it. And enjoy your man cave
  6. Jo just dropped by to take a look, and you’re doing a great job on her. The deck is just beautiful, and I like your decision to use walnut instead of stained “white wood”. Keep at it. I look forward to seeing more progress.
  7. Wow! Now THAT is what I call a playhouse! The crew seems very happy, too.
  8. Dave Can you have a phone installed in the cab? I’m thinking land line in case a cell doesn’t work there?
  9. Hi Just dropped by to see how you‘re doing - and you’re doing great. The deck looks really good with that finish (the blood doesn’t show. 😉 ) and your caulking method is just right to my eye - not too much but just enough. Keep up the good work.
  10. I think it was George Burns who said: ”At my age, if I wake up in the morning and nothing hurts — I’m dead.”
  11. I like the one they call the Quasar, with the 6 LED's around the frame. Micro Mark is one supplier: https://www.micromark.com/Quasar-Lighting-System-for-Optivisor?gclid=Cj0KCQjwyLDpBRCxARIsAEENsrLDhBwUahjs1Q803RRsoqXZJst80AnH3OquphONupWN3kehKJh_Bx0aAi1tEALw_wcB It doesn't stick up and out in front like the single light above the center, and gives nice flat shadow free light.
  12. I just went back to the December 2017 photos to remind me what "before" looked like. What a transformation! Well done. Enjoy
  13. Jo, Just stopped by to take a look, and you've really made a lot of progress. And I agree, the planking looks very good. It's all coming together nicely and hey, you grow more blood every day so don't begrudge your ship a few drops now and then. Keep up the good work,
  14. Let me give you one more possibility. Clockmakers supply houses used to carry "bushing wire" which is basically thick walled brass tubing in small sizes. I don't see it anymore in US vendors' catalogs, but Meadows and Passmore in the UK has this: http://www.m-p.co.uk/muk/parts/chap10/bushing-wire-x-2pcs-1.75mm-od-0.50mm-id-0558017515.htm and this: http://www.m-p.co.uk/muk/parts/chap10/bushing-wire-x-2pcs-2.50mm-od-0.65mm-id-0558025015.htm They offer a range of sizes from 0.80 mm to 5.0 mm but unfortunately, no 2.00 mm OD but if you can fudge on your scale size a little, you get the rod pre-centerdrilled and just have to groove and part it off. Good Luck,

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