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Help Around the Edges

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One more post on my Niagara project - keep in mind it is my first build.


The bulwarks are painted on this one and I am mostly finished. I say "mostly" because I find myself constantly pulling out the 000 detail brush and touching up spots here and there. When is good enough, good enough?


The thing that is killing me is the outer bulwark planking (yellow ochre) on top of the gunwales (black). Two high contrast colors and the edge in between them is a little ragged. I have taped the gunwales and put down some additional yellow on the planks. Then taped the planks and put down some black. But the edges still look rough.


Do I just stay at it? Is there a better way? I do emboss the tape at the edge. Someone mentioned using a clear finish over the tape and onto the painted surface. I am a little concerned about what that might do to the finish of the paint (all flat finishes).


I know someone has the answer.....

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You can 'seal' the edge with the color that you will be painting over, but that works best if you are painting over a light color with a dark.


For example you paint the yellow ochre first, then mask it off and paint along the edge of the tape with the same yellow ochre.  This guarantees that any paint that got under the edge of the tape is yellow ochre to match.  Then after that has dried, paint the black.


I used Tamiya masking tape on my yellow ochre/black area, and as long as you get the edge down night and tight, I had no bleeding problems at all when I did it this way.  I also left the masking on the ship for almost 3 weeks as I did various things, and had no issues with it at all.  The Tamiya masking tape is good stuff.

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