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Selling price for Mamoli 1\90 Victory model kit


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I have listed my Victory model kit on EBay, I have opened the box and assembled the keel but no other work has been done. I bought the kit about three years ago and then had the good fortune to be able to purchase the Caldercraft Victory therefore I have no need of the Mamoli model. The model has been listed at $500 AUD but has not attracted any bids, I paid $580 when I bought it. I have seen two kits with a retail price of $795AUD recently so thought the asking price was fair, however it has been suggested that the kit, having been opened is not worth the price I am asking and should be more like $300 AUD. I have never listed on EBay before so any advice would be much appreciated. Am I asking too much?

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Used kit whether opened and started or not usually will only fetch about 50 percent OR LESS than the original retail price. Ebay is a fickle market place and timing is everything. Most people will buy their hobby stuff towards the summer and fall seasons to give them something to do during those long winter months. Also even during the day of the week has it's benefits such as always try and list your items where they will end late in the morning or afternoon during the weekend rather than during the week unless it's in the evening. I might also add here that even though you have done a bit of work to the model, it's really not looked at as that much of a benefit to the buyer because they don't know your skill level and assume they may have to re-do some of your work.




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