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Help with preparing planks for planking

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I will soon start with my first ship with plank on bulkhead. 


I´ve bought Duseks Pinta as my first model. It is a singel plank hull. I´m asking a little about preparing the planks. I´m thinking about first using a wash on them to stain them a bit darker and then spraying them with satin varnish and then "sand/rub" them with steel wool to make them a bit smoother before I start the planking process.


If I stain after gluing them to the hull even the smallest gluestain with ruin the color staining. The varnish spray and steel wool rubbing is to raise the wood a bit and then smoothen them with the steel wool.


Is this a good process or should I do something different?

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I haven't tried finishing planks before attaching for a couple reasons:


1) I worry if the planks are finished, the glue might not grip as well, and I might not get as good a glue joint to the frames

2) a lot of the planks will require soaking and heat to bend them.  Not sure what that would do to your finish.


I haven't had a problem with wood glues (white or tite-bond) affecting finish as long as I sanded first.  Would definitely avoid superglue as it will affect clear finishes (the areas end up whitish).


Someone who has tried this might have a different perspective

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