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Flying Fish by Corel


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I was just wondering if someone has an opinion or experience with the Flying Fish by Corel. I only just recently completed the model after many months of hard work and am not sure if I should attempt another ship. I thought the plans and instructions were vague or perhaps it just may be my lack of experience. And any suggestions for my next model?

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Hi, congratulations on the completion of your first build. The first takes the longest as you have to build your skills and get used to the order of construction.
Yes, start another and see how much better the build goes.
For the most part instructions are generally vague. The instructions from US companies are usually better. For instance you can go on line to model Expo and check out the models and at the end of the detail description the are tabs for documentation. they sometimes have the instructions posted, so check it out. Can you post pictures of your Flying Fish?

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I built the Corel Flying Fish, and in my opinion it is a terrible kit - or at least my particular example of it was.  Poorly copied plans, terrible instructions, poor materials, out-of-scale fittings - that kit had it all.  If you finished one, then you deserve an ovation.  :)  Fortunately there are many far better kits on the market today, so don't let that one experience deter you.  If you finish a kit like that, then you definitely have what it takes to press on to the next project.



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