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Wax and dilute PVA.


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My question is you first wax your rigging line then after tying etc you coat it with water- diluted PVA.  My chemistry voice says you have put a very hydrophobic coating on the lines the expose them to a water-based glue, expecting the glue to penetrate and hold the knots, line after drying.  How much penetration do you get past the wax?  Has anyone tried dilute PVA with out waxing first?  How about diluting with a better solvent like 50-50 alcohol/water to get better intrusion and quicker drying?

Just a thought.

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I tried diluting PVA and varius other acrylic products as a means of knocking down the fuzz on lines. I would mix the concoction then saturate a bit of cotton rag with it and wipe the rag over the line- in one direction while pinching the rag in a way that would force the liquid into and over the line- and repeat that two or three times. When the line dried the same fuzz was now stiffened.




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I use a mixture of turpentine and beeswax to wax the line. However, I use a tiny bit of thin CA on the knots. I have never had a problem. The turpentine allows the wax to penetrate then it dries and leave the line with a wax matrix throughout. This is just what works for me. I know others have had issues with using bees wax or feel CA makes the line brittle. I have not seen any of these issues but my Connie rigging is only one year old and it is in a case. 


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