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Harvey by Glencannon57 - Artesania Latina - Scale 1:50 - first wooden ship build

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Hello all; this is my first wooden ship build ever, I have the Artesania Latina Harvey in 1:50, I am going to build it and call it the Ringle as a companion to my next build, which will be the same companies HMS Surprise in 1:48.


I have a couple of questions I would love to ask, firstly the "ships of Jack Aubrey" website lists the ringle as having 2 6 pound long guns and 8 12 pound carronades. The Harvey kit comes with 8 Cannons, no mention of the size but I believe I can pass 2 of them off as the 6 pounders.  I will get the Carronades aftermarket, and they should be about 3/4"" length or 20 mm to represent 12 pounders in 1/48 from what I can find.

Can anyone advise what position the 6 pound cannons would likely be placed at? I have skimmed the books again and don't find a reference to them, but would appreciate a knowledgeable opinion where a captain of that age would have placed them. Bow or stern chasers? Midships? Any help appreciated.


I have started by setting the bulkheads into the keel in order, most of them were lower than the upper keel line. I glued a shim of wood in the crotch of the bulkhead opening ( sorry for the inelegant description, hope my nautical volcabulary improves as I go along) and then sanded them so the bulkheads were flush sitting. Tried to ensure they were square using a clamp and two small squares with the ruling edge removed.


Found out then that the keel is not a smooth progression along the top of it, so some sanding will be needed.


Here are a couple of images of what I have so far. Would greatly appreciate knowing if I have done anything wrong to this point.


Is there a way to put the images in sequence with the text, or should I put the text and image as separate postings to keep them together?


Thanks once again and it is a joy to have found this community and resource.









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It looks like you are off to a great start :)! To answer your question on putting images in order with text, you must do the following process. You will write what you want to say and attach an image below. you can attach an image by clicking on the "Choose File" button, then choose the picture.


You can then click the attach file button and wait until the picture shows up above the "Attach Files" text. post-14614-0-37013600-1454277664_thumb.png

You then can click on the "Add To Post" button. post-14614-0-17409200-1454277790.jpeg

Good luck :)!



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Hi Brian

Thanks for stopping in. I have not had a lot of time lately but it will be great to have someone to bounce questions off about the specific kit .

I have had to do a fair bit of shimming the bulkheads trying to get a level,surface for the deck. If you have the chance you might want to check the curvature of the deck portion of the bulkheads against each other before glueing them onto the keel.

Were you going to do a build log?


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