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Heller, the company with the worst, no sorry, non existent customer care


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Hi all Due to the fact that (dispite numerous emails and telephone calls ignored, broken promises, and total contempt for the customer) the Soliel Royal is permanently shelved, They ignore all methods of communication, blatant lying about parts being sent. this is not the first time either on the La Reale De France there were parts missing which took weeks to sort out for the same reasons they just wont answer emails and lie on the phone. Its not just me either, since I've finished the La Reale I've had four people contact me and say they had it in their stash and after checking they are missing the exact same parts, and at least one of those is having the same trouble I had getting the parts (don't know about the others maybe they haven't tried yet) 


I would be interested in whether anyone else on here has had the same problem with them, would be quite nice to compile a list of any and if I got enough maybe send the list to trading standards.

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hi, I apologize for the very dealyed reply but I just now saw your post.

I built the La Reale de France from Heller 4-5 years ago. I don't recall there were any parts missing in the kit.

Recently, a few months ago actually, I was building the Saint Louis from Revell and there were a couple of parts missing. I wrote to Revell, and although they replied, it was just to inform me that the specific kit was sold out and the missing parts could not be replaced.

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