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Transom question on Schooner

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I have reached the bulwark planking stage on my Benjamin Latham fishing schooner.  Would appreciate opinion on the rake of the transom and position of  aft main rail.  I have a recently posted a build log that will show my progress so far. Please take a look at attached thumbnails. I have viewed all appropriate build logs for this model but am still unsure as how to proceed.  This is my first serious build.  I appreciate that this transom has been a problem for others. Looking at plans, instructions, build logs and actual photos of this ship I cant see how the bulwark planking fairs into the transom. Mostly due to my lack of experience I suppose.




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That was the hardest part for me also.  In looking back at my build of the Lettie G Howard I'm sorry I didn't have better pictures of how it went together or a better write-up but I hope these pictures might help. 




It really is a matter of throwing away the plans and just making it look right.



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Appreciate the input.  I have pretty much reached the same conclusion.  Every time I run into  an issue on this model that is not clearly pictured in plans or instructions, I have reviewed similar builds and just forged ahead and tried to put my self in the place of the real shipwrights trying not to put a square peg in a round hole. Reminds me of tightening the connecting rods on my old 1950 Chevrolet...Take a shim out, re-tighten the bolts till it feels right, start it up and if the piston doesn't knock, it's fixed.  Thanks again 


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