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Period Ship Scale Tables.xls


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Sometime back I down loaded the Excel file for Period ship tables with the intention of using this in place of Constructos masting and rigging sizes for my 1:51 Enterprise 1799.


I have run into a couple of dilemmas: Which of the ship types should I be using under the 1794 to 1809 year? Sloops appear to be the smallest but the file I downloaded a couple of years ago gives me a bowsprit length of 17.48" long when I enter a beam of 22.5 and a length of 84'5. That's almost as long as the hull itself. These numbers are based on what I understand to be the correct beam and deck length. They also more or less work out based on scaling my plans. The dates on this file are Created (downloaded) Feb 21, 2013 and a file size of 1.7MB


I went to the Database of articles here on MSW and downloaded the current version thinking maybe there was an error that had been corrected and now I get a bowsprit length of 1.62"!  :huh:  The file size is the same so I am not sure if this is still the same version or not. I believe I have entered the 3 key numbers the same on both; 1:51 for scale 22.5 and 84.5 under the build years 1794 to 1809. 


Below are some screen shots if they help. The first 3 are from the file I downloaded tonight, the fourth is from my file downloaded in 2013. The last is something that popped up while I was doing screen shots.







The above are from the latest download




This is from my 2013 download. All the variables are the same as above.




This started when I was doing screen shots and is from the download from tonight. Other than entering the 3 variables I havent done anything else that I am aware of.



Now after all this I have two questions,

1) what am I doing wrong and

2) What ship type should I be using or is this spread sheet useless for this build?


Thanks for any help,



Current Build Constructo Enterprise

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I thought that also, but after checking several times I am using the Imperial Data page and not the Metric.

Pretty baffled by this one. But then again, software and I dont always get along very well, "Here thar be gremlins."


Edit: Found one gremlin. I had data in both the Imperial and Metric pages. Now the two files give me the same results, 1.59" for the bowsprit, which BTW is the area I have been working. Constructo plans show a bowsprit that is 7". To my uneducated eye it "looks" right.


Now I just need to know which ship type if any,  is correct for my build.


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Current Build Constructo Enterprise

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