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  1. Welcome back Carl, good to see you getting some build time in. Well done. And dont let that Jo character push you around, she is all bite and no bark. 😂 Sam
  2. Mark, You and Pierre should both be pleased although that dime look big enough to sink her. Sam
  3. Thanks James, Now I am getting error code 2s119/1. It looks like the same error I would get if I enter my password wrong. I tried several times so I dont think its an error logging in. Doesnt seem to matter if I am logged in concurrently on my desktop or not. Standard mode or "secret mode" doesnt seem to make a difference either. Sam
  4. Woe, I get in on the ground floor! Choice of seats even. Not sure what to do with myself. Looking goo, nice start. The red through the rims is a noce touch. Sam
  5. Looking good Dennis. Since you are not a fan of sleep I know who to call next time we pull an all nighter at work, I'll be sending the Uber by around August!! Sam
  6. Well Done Dennis! I see you are a fan of the Paint Can Clamp also. At work we keep various 1, 2, and 5 gallon cans filled with left over sand from the sand blaster as well as left over cement. Works great for some things. Regarding your decal color, do you have a photo editing software that works in layers like Photoshop? It should be fairly easy to separate that blue onto its own layer and either match it or remove it completely. Sam
  7. I cant hit a "Like" on that one Chuck. That kind of behavior just burns me up. The least they could do is contact you and offer up a hundred bucks, its not like they cant afford it. Not to mention the morality of it. I dont buy much from Micro Mark, but i am not sure I will buy anything from them anymore. Sam
  8. I bought a new cell phone, a Galaxy s10 two weeks ago. I was able to log in when I first started using it and now I can't, I get the error below. I have obviously changed something but don't know what it is. Any idea what settings I need to look at? Thanks Sam
  9. HAHA The story of my life Vossie. As far as the focus, I just pushed the phone up until I had more or less the composition I wanted. Since the focal plane was not parallel to the subject and I was really close the narrow depth of focus threw out the closest and farthest area of the picture. Had I been using an SLR and macro lens I would have also had a tripod or at least a mono pod attached and could have stopped down for better depth of field. When I took the overall shot of the masts I was further away so had a greater depth of field. Mark, spreading/shifting the stay will tighten them up a bit. I can rotate the preventer stay easily, the top stay will take a bit more work. it will foul the lanyards of the T'Gallant Stay. That lanyard will need to be re-done if I go that rout. Not a difficult process. I will have to strop a hook on to one end instead of the eye that I am currently stropped to. I doubt I can get in there and do a decent job of tying off to the eyelet at this point. Thanks to everybody who stopped by and hit the like button, always appreciated. Sam
  10. Long story short, I have a new phone. I switched from an IPhone to a galaxy s10. Not sure how I feel about it yet. There are things that are really different. One thing I do like is the camera, it is far superior to the camera on my old Iphone. Bare with me while I play. I am making the Gaff for the Fore Mast and took a few pictures of the process, nothing special the usual procedure; four square the blank, taper, epoxy the parts for the jaws, 8 square the whole thing and start shaping the jaws. Then finish rounding the corners and a good scraping. Other than cropping out extraneous bits the photos are right off the camera, no color correction, sharpening etc. Not bad overall, a little pink but passable on my monitor. My focus could be better but again passable for this. Whilst I was happily carving away and pitchure takin' I noticed Murphy capering about in the corner, giggling to himself. I looked over things and couldn't see anything amiss so decided he was just trying to distract me. That is until I went to fit the gaff up to the mast..... Huston, we have a problem.... OH! Murphy! BAD Murphy! Tricksy, evil wicked Murphy! It appears that once again by dumping the instructions and diving in head first without really knowing what I am doing I burned myself. My Main Top Stay and Preventer Stay run right where the jaws of the Gaff sit. GRRRRR🤯 At the moment I see two options, 1) dont bother with the gaff, "Keep Calm and Carry On" or, 2) since I still have to re-tension my stays I can re-position the blocks so the stays run outside the jaws. Anybody have any idea how these stays would have been run in this situation? It is looking difficult to try to do anything major at this point. Quite frankly I am leaning towards option number 1, leave the gaff off. It would, however be nice to know what the "correct" solution would be for the future. Ok, off to have an adult beverage and do a bit of lite reading, My alarm went off at 2am this morning for a job walk at 5....in the rain....without an umbrella.... MURPHY!!!!!!!!😂🤣😂 Sam
  11. That looks really good Mark. Cannon posts?? I would think the recoil would practically sink that boat, what am I missing? Sam
  12. Jo, So you're less than a quarter inch off. That's not un-fixable, at least you found out now. Calculate how many planks to finish equally, divide that by the amount you are off, then divide that by two and add that amount to the larger gap and subtract that amount from the smaller gap and you should be fine. You're 5 millimeters off, lets say you need 10 planks each side to finish, (since you need 9 your sizes will be slightly larger, I am too lazy to do the math at the moment - its Sunday here after all). That is only a 1/2mm difference, make the one set 1/4mm larger and the other 1/4mm smaller. The difference in size is less than 1/64" To put it in perspective thats 10mm on the real boat, from 34' away would you see the difference?Only someone who really looks closely will see the it, besides this is your first layer of planking, it will never be seen. In my opinion it is a good exercise to do your first layer as accurately as you can for the experience you gain. More experienced builders may have a different take on all this, no doubt you will get several somewhat different approaches on this. Have you read the planking tutorials here, yes? Sam
  13. Jo, That does not look bad at all! Well done! A bot of sanding and what ever that bog stuff is and you will be ready for the second layer. How far off are the two gaps? Depending on the discrepancy you may be able to make it up over the next two or three planks. And see?? You showed us your "mistakes" and nobody laughed. Well, Carl and I did. but we are SPECIAL; any European who looks like a wet cat and an American with an extra eye growing out of his head can do as they please! (although for me it makes making right turns super easy!) Brussels Sprouts??!?!?!?! Whats the matter with you young lady? Them things are EVIL! Sam
  14. All is not lost Jo. Pictures!! We cant help without seeing what you are dealing with. Most likely its nothing to worry about. Sam

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