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  1. Manic, Take a look at this photo you posted. Each of those numbers at the end of a line should correspond to a belay pin or ring bolt on your deck plan. On my plans there was a small deck plan on the lower right corner that ties in with these numbers. The circles with no numbers are blocks that you will strop to the end of your line. There will be additional lines that run from belay points up through those blocks and then back down to another belay point/block/ring,... something. You will need to spend some time looking over these plans and the plans I PMed to you (after checking that I wasnt breaking copyright or MSW rules of course ) Best of luck, If you run into more head scratchers, try posting a question in the rigging forum, you will get a wider variety of responses from a bunch of very helpful people. Sam
  2. Sjors!! Long time my friend. Good to see you back at it. Best, Sam
  3. Hey all, sorry, been away obviously. Been working on other projects around the house. Sjors, good to see you. I will be back to finish, but its going to be a while longer. Sam
  4. Thanks Jeff. I have access to a wide format printer at work. I had to go in Monday to check on roof leaks so was able to get them printed on some butcher paper for starters. Waiting for the bosses approval and an excuse to go back in (we are not considered an "essential" business) then I'll print on something more durable. We have some white vinyl that might work or I'll run it through the laminator. First things first, have to convince Better half we have a place to put this once it's complete. I may have to scale down to 1/72. That will be a disappointment. Sam
  5. The two tone should look nice when your done. Is that a Burns table saw I see in the pictures back when you were milling? If so I am soooo jealous. Sam
  6. Lets call this my "soft opening" of my build for the Winchelsea. I have another build to finish so it will be a few weeks before I break ground officially. There is also going to be some ...... discussion.....with Better Half about the size of this build. 😀 I like the 1/4" scale as it is close enough to the Enterprise build one will get a comparison. That being said, since I want to build this rigged rather than Admiralty, there is a possibility I will be scaling down to 1/72. Time will tell, I am not concerned about it at the moment. One question, I saw somewhere and I do not recall where. What is the sheet size for the plans? 36 x something I seem to recall. I will be going in to my work next week to print the plans up. We have a wide format 72" printer available as well as a 72" plotter both have a feature that will let me cut templates as needed. I think all I will have to do is print at 100% and check the scale, but I dont run the printer and the guy who normally would is permanently unavailable you might say. Until then, everybody stay healthy and I will see you here soon. Best, Sam
  7. Looking good Dennis! I have never been good with paint myself, I get more on me than the project!!! and I always have to touch it to see if it is dry, gets me in trouble at work sometimes..... Sam
  8. I am looking for some guidance/advise for a possible sail plan for my Enterprise build. I am finally, after 10+ years, getting to the point I can think about sails. What would some likely sail usages be for a moderate wind no more than say 45º off either side of the stern? Am I making sense? I dont want to put all the sails up, most will be furled, I amt hinking two or three. Any ideas? Thanks, Sam
  9. Tops look good J. I hate it when metal will not take a patina! That TP solution looks , um... uncomfortable. Sam
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