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I am working on a model of a 1750's British frigate. In the stern area there is considerable rise from mid-ship. When looking at different drawings including the kit plans and other sources it appears that the sills are true to horizontal and the verticals are at 90 degrees rather than all elements following the cant of the deck. Which is correct?


As an aside how, on the real vessels, did the guns not slide toward mid-ship in foul weather? Were the carriages built differently for these guns?

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Hi Thistle;


The gun-port cills and lintels (also called cills,  actually:  upper cills)  were aligned with the curvature (sheer) of the deck,  maintaining a constant distance from the deck at the side of the vessel.  The sides of the ports are at right-angles to the keel,  parallel to the station lines (there are some exceptions,  but this is by far the general rule)


This means that the gun-ports are not square,  except for a few right amidships,  but are actually a parallelogram shape,  with the angles increasing towards the stern and bow.


To answer your question about guns moving:  when they were not being used the guns were stowed by raising the muzzle to its maximum and hauling the gun tight to the ship's side.  The muzzle then fitted into a curving recess cut into the back of the upper cill.  The gun-tackles were lashed up taut,  and an additional rope lashed around the muzzle and made fast to an eye-bolt in the side above the port.  


Hope this helps.


All the best,


Mark P

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Mark P is a treasure isn't he. I see your avatar is the thistle class logo. I have sailed thistle and lightning class dinghys since I was 12; too long ago to even contemplate. Even now, in my late 60s, my biggest thrill is hopping on a dinghy and getting righteous.


Oh yes, as I too have discovered, these folks offer their best to any and all. Welcome to your new extended family.

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JohnE for a short time I had a Comet which along with Ligthning's was a favorite on Lake Ontario and its bay. I always loved the Thistle and almost acquired one (to restore) about a year ago. Always loved the boat but now have to be satisfied with static modeling. Oh well!.

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