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Boston Whitehall Tender by Oswald2012 - Midwest

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I chose the Whitehall for my first attempt at ship modelling. I have tried to follow a couple builds here and am reading up trying to learn tips and tricks. My kits arrived almost 2 months ago but I've been waiting to get the tools and supplies on hand before I started.


All pieces were in the kit and I built my form. After going back to my form I noticed my transom was not square. Everything else looked pretty good though *shrug*

I made a decision to proceed as I feel this will be one of potentially many lessons I am going to learn.

My next plan was to soak a few planks at a time and let them sit overnight to shape. I will then trim and glue those and repeat which the next few.

I will try a nod keep updating as things progress.




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I was happy to find out that my planks all molded quite nicely to the form so gluing them was easier then I'm guessing it could have been.

I'm interested to try some different glues and application techniques. Here is my progress so far.post-24015-0-07649300-1460499961_thumb.jpg


I kind of have a gluey mess going on but I guess it will be sanded and painted so I'm not going to stress over it.

I'm going to soak some more planks and form them overnight again.



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Hello John, thanks for the comment. I took a glance at some of your builds and I must say just brilliant work!


Tonight I glued on my next few planks and they seem to be turning out ok so far. I over sanded the end of a plank and it was sitting kind of low so I just put in a little piece and glued to that. So far things seem to be sitting nicely. I soaked a few more planks and placed them in to form for the night. I can see where I'll need to trim some overlap and take caution when setting these as the clinker effect I read about is showing me what it looks like!


Hopefully my patience and lack of knowing what I should be doing will enable me to complete this stage.

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John, your right on at 12". I figured a couple of these smaller boats would be good for practicing planking. I also purchased a Maine Peapod kit. As a plus I really like the look of these boats.


I am continuing my slow process of soaking 3 or 4 planks and forming them. This seems to be working for me so I'll continue this way. I have started to taper the planks at the rear of the boat as they were wanting to overlap. I have done three this way.




I think I will plan a few more steps ahead for the final filling in stage. I am sure I will come to the conclusion that I should have started planning before the first plank was laid.

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I have been continuing up the side however I stopped soaking and forming the planks as I have no way of holding them in correct position.

My planks have been getting away from my form and I am concerned about what is going to have to happen to close this off.

I must say I am really enjoying the build! I find myself thinking about how I'm going to do things next time so that's encouraging.

I'm guessing about five more planks on each side should fill this in so I'll update then.





If I push the sides in while I'm gluing I think I can draw them in a bit.

Proceeding with caution.




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