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  1. Hello to all friends modellers ... Here is a short presentation of an ancient lady from the 16th century. She originally comes from Ragusa, a town - republic from the Coast of the Adriatic Sea. In the begining it would be nice to mention something about Ragusa, nowdays city of Dubrovnik : Some sources say that Ragusa was founded in the 7th century, named after a "rocky island" called Lausa, by refugees from Epidaurum (Ragusa Vecchia), a Greek city situated some 15 km to the south, when that city was destroyed in the Slavic incursions. Excavations in 2007 revealed a Byzantine basilica from the 8th century and parts of the city walls. The size of the old basilica clearly indicates that there was quite a large settlement at the time. There is also evidence for the presence of a settlement in the pre-Christian era. The Republic of Ragusa was an aristocratic maritime republic centered on the city of Dubrovnik (Ragusa in Italian, German and Latin) in Dalmatia (today in southernmost Croatia) that carried that name from 1358 until 1808. It reached its commercial peak in the 15th and the 16th centuries, before being conquered by Napoleon's French Empire and formally annexed by the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy in 1808. It had a population of about 30,000 people, of whom 5,000 lived within the city walls. Its Latin motto was "Non bene pro toto libertas venditur auro", which means "Liberty is not well sold for all the gold". Merchant galleons, like this one, were used for long trips to overseas areas newly discovered. The most preserved galleons are Spanish and Ragusian, used for the transport of silver from Peru and Mexico. They sailed in groups, fleets, from which the name fleet. At that time the galleons were bigger than the caravel, but smaller than the carrack of Dubrovnik. They weighed 200-500 tons. The Ragusian galleons, something different from the structural characteristics of the other galleons of the time and of the big and spacious carracks of Dubrovnik, are named Argosies, their name date from Ragusies, adjective of Ragusa (Dubrovnik). How these Ragusian ships were appreciated shows the best the fact that the English made for them a literary expression: Argosy.
  2. Hello MSW, MarisStella has spent the last year or so upgrading our entire kit range with new packaging and some parts, but we still have a very small number of our older, original releases in stock. These don't cost quite as much as the upgraded versions and I thought I would offer them to members here at a reduced price. These are very limited, so it's 'first come, first served'. These kits are still good (excellent) quality and represent superb value for money and MarisStella knows you will not be disappointed. We are offering the following deals direct from our warehouse in North America; The first group is: 921 Trabakul 905 Pasara 902 Batelina This group is offered at $275 USD including shipping anywhere in the US or Canada. We have just two groups like this. The second group is: 920 Bracera 901 Optimist 915 Liburnia Monoreme This group is offered at $275 USD including shipping anywhere in the US or Canada. We have just one group like this. The third group is: 970 Santa Maria 955 St Jerome This group is offered at $300 USD including shipping anywhere in the US or Canada. We have just one set like this. Finally, we have one Stefano kit that is available for just $450 USD, including shipping anywhere in the US or Canada. ______________________________________________________________________ The first group : 921 Trabakul 905 Pasara 902 Batelina ______________________________________________________________________ The second group : 920 Bracera 901 Optimist 915 Liburnia Monoreme ______________________________________________________________________ The third group : 970 Santa Maria 955 St Jerome ______________________________________________________________________ Stefano kit
  3. Maris Stella Ltd is pleased to announce the addition of the HMS Speedy, HMS Vensejo and HMS Sophie Brig-Sloops, in 1:48 scale, to its model ship kit line. Speedy and Vensejo have been heavily researched. HMS Sophie is our version of the fictional Brig-Sloop, representing a combination of the two, described in a novel by Patrick O'Brian. The Maris Stella kit version of HMS Speedy uses the sail plan, rigging, armament and flagging as of her original commissioning. To maximize authenticity, we have freshly designed all cannon, carronade and swivel guns for the three kits, each of the type, weight and time frame appropriate, using Armstrong and Blomefield construction formula, historical patterns and photos of antiques. Maris Stella kits are suitable for intermediate level modelers. For those who want to go a step beyond, we are providing copper hull plates, details on period appropriate stains and paint schemes, and rigging rope diameter information. Anticipated order of release is Speedy, Vensejo and Sophie, in that order, in a time frame from 2018 through the first half of 2019. This HMS Speedy model will be a market-class leader. Our three-dimensional modeling of the Admiralty draughts and the kit’s plank on bulwark hull construction with 19 bulkheads makes it easy for even casual modelers to achieve the original hull lines with great accuracy. At this time, I only have permission to show a few of instruction book draft 3D renders of HMS Speedy. Note how the model achieves the novel look and feel of the Speedy-Class Brig! Regards, Zoran
  4. Merry Christmas Jack !! Merry Christmas to everyone ! With best wishes, Zoran
  5. Thanks Mr. Coyle, this is right ... We took Adriatic coatal ships to reconstruct first and some from history ... Now we came to the 19th c. .... so lets go moving ... Moderator, how to emty the mail box here at MSW ? I can not send messages .. Thanks, Regards, Zoran
  6. Hi Antony .... I was off the forum several days, sorry not to answering You, but here is the explanation about the Upgraded project and Retro project : ... We noticed a problem connected with the price and quality of our kits as well as the different skills between the modellers who are building them ... We were thinking for a while, observing different combinations and after a year we get to the solution : We decided to make two different equipped kits for each model... We decided to make new versions of the MarisStella kits, to make the better plans, to add more materials, photo etched sheets, resin figureheads (to some of them) and after all to make much better instruction booklets (taking a look at their thickness, I would call them 'books'). After all we get a note from some shops that the boxes are not attractive enough, so we fixed this problem as well... The new versions have the great plasticized shining boxes with high resolution large photographs onto them... Of course, these new kits were with the higher production price ! How to fix this !!? We left the old projects with the simplified boxes and with old quantities of materials, with no figure heads and with no photo etched sheets. The booklets are new, but with no so many pages... So this is named RETRO PROJECT ... The new kits, that were upgraded are named UPGRADED PROJECT ... Definitely, You need more skills to build Retro projects , as You noted studding different build logs here on MSW ... Upgraded projects have more parts and more illustrations and photographs.... Both of kit versions has, most of them, well written instructions in English, thanks to great champ Robinson that I would like to greet here ... There is the obvious a difference in price and it is it : now we get to hard work of upgrading the kit that is not completely finished in this moment when I write this, but will be done with all the MarisStella kit line very soon ... So Antony and all of you great people on MSW : Put Your Trust ! Shoot, ask and enjoy the answers in not so god English (Sorry for this...) Regards, Zoran
  7. Thanks Mr. Rick, this is an intermediate level model to build... This technique prepares the modeller to plank the hull in the single planking method... ... Now, here are some photographs of the mast and sails equipment...
  8. Congratulations Mr. Mike. The model turned out well, as it is told before... Thanks for the patience at some of the sequences... I hope it worth in the end... Bravo ! Regards, Zoran
  9. Hah good ! ... ok, I will try to explain: The drawing shows double turn knot at the rope that holds the yard (twice around the yard) this rope go upwards through the block and then down to the cleat at the mast... The thinner rope is the parrel. It tightens the first rope to the mast . The parrel rope goes to the same cleat to the mast...(this makes two different ropes) ... The parrel rope goes down to the cleat, not through the block ... So, my intention was to get You to understand the illustrations , but it is not hard to answer as well By the way, I see You understood the illustrations, but with a bit of uncertainty (I hope I used the right word) ... It is really pleasure to see You completed this model ... You get experience in single planking method and the sail making which is very important... In the end, the patient is invested and the result is here !! Ask all You need ... Sincerely Yours, Zoran
  10. Hi Mr. Mike, as it can be visible at the attached illustrations, all of those places are marked with ' A', 'B', 'C', 'D', 'E', 'F' etc. ... And all of those are enlarged into the drawings, so please, take a look at the drawing ... All of the questions are answered already... Regards, Zoran

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