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Mamoli Kits


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Hi All,

Stumbled across a communique earlier today that Mamoli had a bit of a disaster?


Does this mean that I don't have any recourse for any Spares, Bits & Pieces Etc, for the Mamoli kits in my possession?


I have a Mamoli HMS Victory and Flying Cloud, un-started and complete.

(Not "Mini Mamoli")


Are these now "Collectors" items?



Completed Builds:


A/L Bluenose II

A/L Mare Nostrum

Sergal/Mantua Cutty Sark

A/L Pen Duick

A/L Fulgaro

Amati/Partworks 1/200 Bismarck

A/L Sanson

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Well if you mean did they just jump up in value then NO! Kits no matter who makes them and what disaster befell the company will only bring about half of what the retail price was or is. The only real exception to this would be if a kit collector or builder really, really wanted that particular kit. 




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To further answer your question, as long as the scale is right, there are on line hobby stores that have Mamoli stock and if they run out, you can use items from other manufactures as long as the scale is close. So it would be no biggie, but it's a shame if such a disaster has happened to mamoli as it has always been a fine company that made great kits and supplies.




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