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  1. Awesome, Thank you all very much!! Very much appreciated. Cheers and Regards, Harry.
  2. Thanks Mark. I have done the Google thing for Model Ship Crate, not much chop.... Anyway, the potential move is about 300km? (Wellington to Taranaki, North Island, 3.5 - 4.0 hours drive.) Would be a Furniture removal company. A ship like the Cutty Sark, for example, is delicate and large. (The model by itself probably weighs 4.0kg?) The cabinet that it's in is about 50kg with glass, so I am concerned. (The cabinet is designed to come apart, I thought it may be better to create a "Crate" for transport. I have some movers coming next week to give me their appraisal/estimation for the house lot also. Cheers and Regards, Harry. (HOF)
  3. Hi All, Unsure if this is the correct place to ask my question.... Does anyone have plans/instructions for a Model Ship Crate/s? (I am looking at a potential house re-location and need to make a Crate/s or similar for this purpose.) If not a "Prototype" could someone please supply a URL for something generic? (Cutty Sark/Bluenose II/Pen Duick/Mare Nostrum are the completed items that I need to transport. They are currently in Cabinets but with the Glass in the Cabinets are rather heavy, (Esp. Cutty Sark)) Any assistance/advice would be gratefully received. Apologies in advance if I have posted in the incorrect place. Cheers and Regards, Harry. (HOF)
  4. Thanks All!! Yup, the Frames have Thread Rigging, Fore/Aft/Across every frame, up to the Pilots Seat, but, my question is more centered around the actual Control Cables for the Flying Surfaces. I was leaning to "Multi Strand" wire? Mark: If Multi Stranded, would it not be already "Pre-tensioned?" to some extent? (Yup, I hear your advice.) I guess I'll have to experiment.... 🙂 With the continued issues with this, I'm looking forward to getting back to the Sanson. (At least I can correct "Irregularities." Small update: Have finished the various Instruments/Cluster but I'm having trouble getting the Instrument Cluster Support bar to fit across the Cockpit Frames.... I have words of frustration which I will not utter here!! Simulated Glass of the Instruments with clear Nail Varnish. Cheers....HOF.
  5. Hi All, Take care, hope that things give you Chaps a miss.... We are seeing on CNN at present. (Even in New Zealand.) Take care. Cheers....HOF.
  6. Hi All, I'm after some "Learned" advice.... The Control Column/Rudder Bar are linked to the Control Surfaces, Aileron/Rudder/Elevator. (Working surfaces.) My question, should I go with Thread for these moving things or maybe go with Multi Stranded thin wire? (Stripped insulation, of course.) I'm leaming to the wire as it's not going to fray and I can easily solder the terminations whilst retaining the tension required. Any advice/opinion wold be very welcome. Cheers....HOF.
  7. Thanks Carl/Mark, Wot I call "Muntz_ is called "Minatz" or similar in the instructions. (White Metal.) (I call it Muntz as that is what I have called it before.... It's horrible stuff.)) Anyway, a couple of photos.... Have an awesome weekend!!
  8. Small update.... Work continues on the Fuselage.... I'm not too happy with it, there are no accurate measurements in the "Destructions" it's just go with the flow and try to get things lined up/square. As stated before, there are many, many issues.... One of the se is the fragility of the components, Esp, the "Muntz" ones. (Filed a bit of a groove tonight for the Instrument Cluster, it just fell to bits with the most gentle touch, anyway, rebuilt/fixed with CA/Epoxy.) I think that this one has been languishing too long and over time, if not assembled, the parts degrade. Haver completed the Control Column, Rudder Bar, Cockpit Floor and am reasonably happy with the Firewall and "Cockpit" Veneers. I have also to fabricate some Lugs for the Landing Gear/Interplane Struts as the most forward Cockpit Frames were missing and I had to Fabricate these also. So, we'll see how it goes.... I'll post some photos tomorrow. Cheers....HOF.
  9. Nice start!! Congratulations on purchasing an "Early" version of this subject. You'll find that it builds to a great model, Just take your time. Have a wee think about the instruction sequence, from memory, some things should be done before others.... Cheers....HOF.
  10. Thanks Dennis/Lou, Progress with the Firewall, It's a bit of a mission.... There are "Veneers" that attach and a whole host of other stuff. Thinking about some "Mods" to make stuff more accurate/secure. As stated, some time ago, this Model/Kit leaves a lot to be desired. (I'll try my level best to complete....) Cheers....HOF.
  11. Addendum: I did try to Hard Solder the Rudder/Tail Plane/Elevator components. It's o.k. for the Brass/Brass connections but not for Brass/Muntz Metal stuff, I did try.... (I also researched on the Net.) Seemed to be too much risk associated with high, (Blow Torch), temperatures/melting points. Z-Poxy seems to have done the trick. Firewall stuff later today perhaps.... Cheers....HOF.
  12. A couple of pictures of "Sausage" 1 and 2 after a couple of hard days "Helping" with Modelling activities and other Cat Stuff....
  13. Cowling, Careening, (Don't know why it's called that), and Wheels:
  14. Firewall undergoing strengthening:
  15. Rudder Re-Engineered:

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