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  1. Hi David, Campbells plans are available through the Cutty Sark Preservation Society, Greenwich. (That's where I got mine from.) (A quick "Edit" and a quote regarding these from Marc....) For rigging plans, I'd use Campbell's plans. They can be purchased in person at the Cutty Sark's shop or online at https://shop.rmg.co.uk/collections/prints The sail and rigging plans are 5 pounds and the general plan is 8 pounds.  For info on how to post go here: https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/forum/47-questionsinstructions-on-how-to-use-and-post-to-this-forumsite-problems-or-suggestions/ Cheers....HOF.
  2. Hi David, Are you looking at "Procuring" Campbell's plans to assist in your build? Regarding the Mantua Plans, there seem to be quite a few missing Backstays, Etc. (My particular plan set anyway. Also, there were issues with the diameter of some of the Mast Hardware, Diameter of Mast holes in the Fore/Main/Mizzen tops and plenty of other things to work through.... 😊 You'll find that the Hull components fit together very nicely.... (I didn't have to use anything to align my structure.) Marc (Aka Keelhauled), has an awesome example with Sails on this site if you have not already viewed this. All the very best with your "Cutty" journey. Cheers....HOF.
  3. Yup, Also looking forward to your build. (It'll bring back some fond memories!!) Cheers....HOF.
  4. The "Startle" is the worst.... Sounds like the Bowsprit/Jibboom is reaching out for the wall, rather the other way around.... Yup, the Cutty is long and requires special handling. (One post I saw some time ago, was that one modeller left the Jib Boom off, (Don't recall the model), until the last.... Didn't work for me as many Forestays terminate on this. (Had the same issues as you Chap, how to protect wots already done.) And, yes, I had some "Breakerages" contributing to hours lost. No Vino Collapso/Oblitarato either.... (Sorry, couldn't help myself.... 😀) Definitely, No cats, esp. Abyssinians!! Cheers....HOF.
  5. Nice start Sir!! I'll follow with interest. (I had started this myself some years ago, my Abyssinian cats thrashed the kit and scattered the components far and wide chasing a Bush Rat around the house.. After this incident, I resolved to build the Sergal/Mantua version.) (Cats are now banned from my Ship Room and have been for some time.... 😀) Cheers....HOF.
  6. Hi Chap, Just for a "Heads Up" for you, the Cutty was my third build, A/L Bluenose II, A/L Mare Nostrum, 10 and 3 months build time respectively. Cutty was 6.5 years of weekends, something like 3,500 hours? (Some days, I'd walk into my Ship Room and walk straight back out.😀) As with Marc's experience with instructions, no use.... Sergal/Mantua plans are not that accurate either, some of the Rigging, (Backstays, Etc), is "Simplified" (Mi9ssing) A couple more publications that may assist with research, The Cutty Sark - Basil Lubbock The Cutty Sark - C.N. Longridge I wish you all the best in your endeavours, happy to assist, as we all are on this site. For you Marc, Thank you for the very kind comment, (Apologies for "Hijacking" your thread to add my two cents worth) Cheers and Regards, Harry.
  7. An absolute gem from the news this morning.... https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/europe/111498347/three-drunken-sailors-rescued-after-taking-wrong-turn-in-dinghy-in-uk-waters Enjoy!!
  8. Hi Chap, An awesome build and one that I have been following closely as I have this one awaiting my attentions at some stage in the not too distant future.... Cheers....HOF.
  9. How about this one in 1/35? https://www.emodels.co.uk/soar-art-1-35-dora-railway-gun-9511.html Expensive....
  10. Have a look.... Some good news amongst all of the bad that we see every day.... https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/americas/110648068/beer-from-1886-shipwreck-may-yield-new-brew Cheers....HOF.
  11. Hi Chap, The mouldings, (And your modifications), look pretty good from where I'm standing.... Cheers...HOF.
  12. Greetings Mr. CDW, I had a look at the manufactures site on the "Inter Web thingy...." They have some very interesting subjects, one that piques my interest is the Heinkel HE 219.... (I developed plans many years ago for a 1/6 RC version that never materialised.) Anyway, I'll be following your efforts with the KI 45 with interest. (Would you be able to Grace us with Kit Review as suggested by Mark?) All the best. HOF.
  13. Cheers Ears.... More than happy to put "My two cents worth" in.... Mine, a practical/pragmatic approach. The members on this site have vastly more experience than just this Chap. 🙂 (The Transom worked out o.k.) Anyway, great you are back on this site, and the build looks great, (As previously stated.) Cheers and Regards, Harry.

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