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  1. Hi Chap, Nice start!! I'll be in to my version tomorrow.... (Ensure that the forward superstructure is "Beveled" to accommodate the Plywood sides. (This was where mine initially came to grief.... (Too much of a hurry.)) With the re-build, I have to think carefully about the sequence, esp. masking/painting. Are you planning on Lighting? Cheers....HOF.
  2. Small update.... Sanded Hull First Cover, (Lime) Pretty happy with the Hull thus far. I think that I'll do the Walnut second Planking prior to completing/painting the Superstructure. So, the Walnut Planking takes about 1.5 strakes per run, it's a long Hull. I took some photos, Stern Post and Plan/Sheer view. If I take the "Plan" view as opposed to the actual Keel dimensions, (Keel already attached), I will not have to rewove 8 - 10mm from the height of the Stern Post/Rudder. (Have a look and give me your opinion!!) I guess this is
  3. A "Tender" re-start.... I initially thought the Stern Post was too long, wrong, I needed to look at the length of the Keel, not the plans..... So, after "Gouging" the initial, (First), planking to make things fit, I have filled in the "Errors" and I'll continue tomorrow once fillers are cured. I am unsure if I can "Articulate" the Rudder at this stage, it would be nice.... Anyhow, tomorrow's another day.... (Clark Gable - Gone With The Wind....๐Ÿ˜€) Cheers....HOF.
  4. O.K. Fulgaro is finally complete, Nice to give this to the recipients!! Glas case, Rimu Base, am I happy with it? I guess so. There are always aspects, in hindsight, that could have been better but never mind.... (HOF is the Chap with no hair....๐Ÿ˜€) Photos....
  5. I'm pleased that the "Business" never happened.... Phew!! ๐Ÿ™‚ (Model looks awesome!!) Cheers....HOF.
  6. Hi All, Seems like Ebony is a "Bridge to far." From what has been discussed it it seems almost impossible to obtain, impossible price, (Cost prohibitive), maybe embargoed, (CITES?) and almost impossible to work with even if you can get the material.... ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe "Antique" or Second Hand shops in NZ? I'll keep my eyes open. Cheers and Regards, Harry.
  7. Thank you.... It's good to know the LED N/W is still functional.... (I must have done something right. ๐Ÿ™‚) The Mast LED's are going to be interesting. I think I'll taper the Mast first then rebate for the wires.)Should be o.k. (I hope....) Cheers....HOF.
  8. 'Hi Chap, Yup the move to Manaia, South Taranaki went well, Cats assimilated and Ships moved without any incident. Been here a tad over 4 months, its quiet but I like that. Just finished A/L Fulgaro as a gift for some very accommodating owners of Opunake Holiday Park who provided some discounted accommodation before taking possession of this property. So, Sanson is back on the agenda, I sort of need to this before attempting anything else, even though I am sorely tempted by the Flying Cloud. (Yup, the "Lady" on the bench is Sanson as per yesterday
  9. Awesome!! Thank you all for your sage advice.... I'll have a think about things and perhaps revert to the supplied timber and paint/stain.) I had a link to "Guzzman.com Flying Cloud build but cannot locate any longer. (This inspired me in the use of Ebony.) Cheers and Regards, Harry.
  10. Hi All, It's been a while since I posted for my sadly forgotten build.... I have sort of reconciled myself to continuing this.... There's not a whole lot of stuff left to do, really.... More a Planking an Painting exercise. (Masking is a pain but I'm getting more patient with it.) There are some things that need attention before painting, touch ups on superstructure, etc. Second Hull Cover should be o.k. Anyway, a few pictures as the build is from ten minutes ago. (Any comments/criticism most welcome. (Please remember this is pretty much
  11. Hi All, Does anyone know where I can obtain Ebony Strip Wood for second Planking? (I guess 0.5mm thick.) I'm toying with the idea of starting the Mamoli Flying Cloud. I have also read that Ebony is very difficult to work with. Is there an alternative to Ebony which has a similar look? Any advice on procurement/cost of Ebony and working with it would be very much appreciated. Cheers....HOF.
  12. Hi All, Update.... I'm going to call this "Finished." Jib installed and Rigging tidied up. My first "Boat" apart from very small Life Boats on the Cutty Sark. An interesting build and pleased I got to construct before the kit got any older. I should have used a few Double Blocks in places but "Cest La Vie...." (Nice to have something squared away after such a long hiatus. (Life gets in the way.... ๐Ÿ™‚) Unsure what's next, I'm really tempted by the, Mamoli Flying Cloud, (I love Clippers), certainly an investment and commitment in
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