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  1. Tomorrow, I'll be sanding the wings, getting rid of the "Char" and planning the next move/s. (I might even build the other Spandau.... 😊) Cheers....HOF.
  2. Small update, Spandau MG and what an "Unboxed" one looks like.... (Guns are approx. 100.00mm in length.) Thinking anout my youth, (A couple of years ago), I used to covert the plastic cereal models sealed in Cellophane.... Maybe that's where my modelling passion started? (My Sister and I used to argue about these, much to my parents chagrin…). My parents always threatened to not buy Cereal with the Plastic Kits, but thankfully didn't!! 😊 Anyway, a lifetime ago. So, some photos....
  3. Hi All, Thanks for your likes/comments, much appreciated. Chris: Yup the Engine was assembled from 74 Muntz Metal components, I don't recall how many Partwork, issues, several.... The thing with the Partworks stuff is the first issue is reasonably cheap to "Pique" your interest, the other 99 issues were treble the cost.... (Good Business strategy/model!!😊) (I bought a 1/200 Bismark from the same publisher, completed the Hull and stopped after I bought the Trumpeter version out. I still have all the issues, 140 in all.... One day maybe....) Dennis: I don't believe I can source "Back Issues" for spare parts, so to speak, I purchased the original issues so long ago.... (Hence my Brass Wire Aileron tips.) I did try the publisher, Hatchette, years ago and they were not that forthcoming. I just need to be more careful/patient cleaning up parts, esp. the Muntz. 😊 The completed model will be just open framework, a little like the Hasegawa 1/8 Aircraft series which I think this was based on. Partworks did provide Plastic, (Monocoat?), Heat Shrink (Red, Of course), covering material I wont be utilising this. (I believe that Hasegawa had a fire many years ago and lost tooling moulds for their 1/8 Aircraft series. You can sometimes see these on eBay/Trademe for large sums of money.) Like the 1/16 Model Airways Aircraft, the control surfaces are supposed to operate from the Cockpit controls. (We'll see how this goes.... 😊) Trailing Edges on all of the wings, should be wire but the wooden ones are structural components, so stick with them. (Pardon the pun.😊) Anyway, have a good week. Cheers....HOF.
  4. Here you go Chap.... Ailerons almost complete.... The Trailing Edges are a little fragile to say the least. I've had to repair more than once. Reasonably happy with the Aileron "Tips." (Broke one of the Muntz Metal Hinges, so if I can't repair, I'll do 2 Hinges per side. Engine back together, I'll need to "Wick" some good quality CA around the components and touch up. (Engine diameter 127mm (5")) Cheers....HOF.
  5. Hi All, Still mucking around with Ailerons, I guess that they need to be as good as they can be.... (The Cockpit Controls move the Fight surfaces, or, at least they are supposed to.... 😊) I'll take a break and affix the Engine components that came off.... (A bit of Epoxy will help.) Enjoy the Weekend!! Cheers....HOF.
  6. Hi Chris/Dennis, Ditched the Brass Spar for the Ailerons and substituted Birch Dowell of the same diameter. (So much more conducive to CA Stuff.) So, the Ailerons are built, just waiting for the "Cure." (Much improved and I don't have to wait for days....) (Upper Wing 35" with Ailerons, whatever that is Metric....) I need to get some adhesive that will "Strengthen" the joints without waiting for Christmas.... 😞 I saw something in Mitre 10 Mega. (Dennis, We don't have "Drug Stores.") (Sounds like something that Californians would go to get "Space Cakes." 😊) Yup, Missed Esmerelda, Chilean Barqueintine…. I did not realise there was a very dark past associated with a certain General Pinochet. Anyway, thanks Gentelmans…. One more glass of plonk and I'll tun in. Cheers....HOF.
  7. And there lies madness trying to maintain/service the batteries when they're connected!!
  8. Same, Condolences....
  9. Trying to Epoxy the Aileron Tips to the Aileron Spar. I guess I'm not patient enough, it's my fourth attempt leaving the stuff to cure for 24 hours.... (48 should do it, hopefully....) The Ailerons are proving to be a bit of a mission.... (I also missed the "Esmerelda" today, she leaves Wellington tomorrow.... Damn....) Cheers....HOF.
  10. Hi Mark, It's 1/8th scale. Unsure of the finished size but the upper wing is 84cm (33") (Its going to be a heavy beastie, the engine is about 250 grams....) Chris, Did you see the kit review for the Tram? Cheers....HOF.
  11. Hi Chap, I guess go for it!! 😊 I've seen a review or two here on this site.... (Kit reviews.) I believe there's also a "Diorama" that is available also? I also understand that there is much painting!! Cheers....HOF.
  12. Thanks Chris/Dennis, Once again!! Words of encouragement are powerful.... Thank you. 😊 So, Sanson is on hold for the mo, God knows why, I love the ships, I guess something a little different. My doctrine, (Up until a few months ago), was to concentrate on one project at a time, so, breaking with the afore mentioned....) Off to get a WOF/COF for the Admirals car tomorrow so will have a look at different Epoxies available. (Leaning towards a two part, malleable paste, like strips of chewing gum?) (Mitre 10 Mega Hardware) The broken Aileron Tips are fixed, bent Brass Wire.... Cheers....HOF.
  13. A few photos.... 3 Wings and the Landing Gear "Winglet." And, one of my three Abyssinian cats, (Or, Stomachs on legs, Anubis), trying to be helpful. The Upper Wing Aileron Tips created from Brass Wire as the Muntz Metal broke, never mind.... I'll re-attach some of the Engine components tomorrow with Epoxy, CA proves a little fragile.... Cheers....HOF.
  14. Thanks Chris/Dennis, Yup, something to get myself "Back in the groove." 😊 Not my site.... Someone in the UK. Cheers....HOF.
  15. Hi All, Thought i'd give this another go.... I started this in 2003/4, a Hatchette Partworks thingy. So Engine and the three wings are pretty much done, I have to affix some engine components as the "Muntz," (White Metal,) doesn't take well to CA, so, Epoxy. Stumbling block, Ailerons…. Had to manufacture my own Aileron tips as the "Muntz" fell apart. (The whole thing ts large and heavy.) The kit, (If you can call it that), is comprised of Laser Cut Birch Ply and the afore mentioned "Muntz." I'm pretty sure I've got all the components/issues so we'll see how it goes.... (Got to get inspired somehow after redundancy!! 😊) I'll post some photos tomorrow day. A link if your interested.... http://www.buildafokkertriplane.co.uk/ Cheers....HOF.

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