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  1. Hi Greg, Have been following your many builds with interest. A random couple of questions.... Do you have individual Display Cabinets for your wonderful builds? Somewhere out of the Dust and perish the thought, immune from seismic activity. Cheers and Regards, Harry. (HOF00)
  2. Dear All, I soon wish to purchase some Vallejo paint for DKM Revell 1/72 U-Boat and Trumpeter 1/200 Bismark. I guess I'm being a little lazy here but what colors/quantities of the Vallejo product do I require for the above? (Vallejo Model Air is my preference.) I wanted to ask the Forum first and foremost as there a few of you that are/have tackled these subjects. I know there are color conversion charts but want to spare the pain.... So, if anyone has a spare couple of minutes or can give me some advice, it would be very much appreciated. Che
  3. No Problem at all.... It was the Possum thing that triggered the "2 Moons" memory.... I guess your post proved a little popular. 🙂 Tank you for posting and the "Possum" memories. Cheers and Regards, HOF.
  4. Here's a Rally of New Zealand TV ad from 1995.... Possum related and quite amusing, something that came to mind last night. check it out 2 Moons - YouTube Cheers....HOF.
  5. Hi Chap, Yup, Autumn, (Fall), is almost here. I am happy about that, it'll save me watering the new grass seed, I'll get a break from the garden and get some time in the "Ship Room!!" (Hopefully.... 🙂) Cheers....HOF.
  6. In New Zealand, the Australian Brush Tailed Possum was introduced for the fur trade, problem was, it got loose.... No Natural predators so it does very well. At my previous residence in Wellington the Department of Conservation, in partnership with the Regional Council used to do poison baits. this worked o.k. for a couple of years before they came "Roaring" back!! They are not particularly nice, eating Eggs and Chicks' from native birds, not to mention the damage they do to the Native Bush. Here in Taranaki, it doesn't seem as bad but I am sure it is, you see
  7. Nice start Chap!! I have the same A/L kit in my cupboard. I did attempt the older version, (Bare Bones), a few years ago. I got as far as the Keel/Bulkheads/Decking.... My Abyssinian cats broke and scattered the components far and wide chasing a sizeable Bush Rat inside the house.... I did attempt to rescue but a little too far gone. A long story short, decided on the Sergal/Mantua version. I embellished this with many aftermarket parts. One thing about this particular kit is the line of Portholes along the length of the ship, my feeling
  8. Hi Chap, Had the same issue with my Stern Bulwarks. Resorted to keeping the broken bits and used these as a template for a bit of thin Basswood. Nice color scheme!! Cheers....HOF.
  9. Hi Chap, Looks awesome!! I admire your attention to detail, esp. at 1/700!! Great stuff and certainly an inspiration. (The Coffee is "Huge!!") Cheers and Regards, Harry.
  10. Nice work Chap!! My BNII was my second attempt in this "Dark" art of ship modelling. BN I as of a A/L "Weekend" kit was the first.... The Sergal/Mantua Cutty Sark followed,... 6.5 years of weekends.... I thought that I'd got the basic skills. 😀 Your BN II looks awesome, much better than my humble attempt. How are you going to Rig? (Bare Bones or Sail?) (Myself, I preferred the "Bare" Bones.... Your piece of Marine Art, you will choose.) Keep it up!!😀 Cheers and Regards, Harry.
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