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Italian Coasting Sailer Lautello by Moony - PoB 1/50

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Hello friends,


as the S/S Warkworth costs a plenty of mindwork I decided to add a second project less complicated and time consuming.

So I leafed through the plans I've stored and found some very nice old "chances" but mostly the were to complicated and sophisticated as a "sidecar-building". So I figured out the exercisebook sized Modelarstwo Okretowe Special No. 19 of May 2015:




The prototype is a Sicilan/Southitalian Coasting boat of the 1860th with a length between 15 to 20 meters and a 1/3 Length/Breadth ratio.



Here a pencil drawing I found several years ago in teh web - I think on an Italian site.



Here well to see the line of scuppers on the underside of the bulkwalk. 



The Lauretto was used for short sea trades and a fasr as  my Latin knowledge translates some Italian websides I figured out thet the latin-rigged boats made also journeys to the North African coast. So this little ships were used in transport purposes and fast and handy ships to sail. It looks like the were used in transport of general cargo in sacks, barrels and boxes - no bulk cargos seem to be stored under the hatches.


I couldnt find out what are the diffrences and relationsship features to the


also latin-rigged Schiffazzo - but there were both:



similaritys and diffrences. But let stay us with the Lautello in exspecial the "after castle" that is not found on the threemasted 1  Schiffazzo -here scale to 1/50;





As you can see from the MO-issiue's cover the  hatches are closely covered - the plan gives us a grating hatchcover all over here. The plans delievered with the MO are allways very good and they have got a fantasic price. 



I was able to enlarge the  hull's drawings up to 1/50 and so I can start with the work very fast - hopefully some more knowledgeable of you may help with further and deeper information to this article.


Next stop: taking photos of the enlarged plan.


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Here the view on plansides and some details:



















and at the very ed the proof of scale:




not 100&% but close eough to the 1/50 I wanted to have... the paper is working in the copyingmaschine a lot when drying in the haeter to fix the toner.

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Thanks John,


the project gives some interesting possibilitys for exercises to me. 


At the moment I'm palning th baseboard:



Here the rough cutout of the 4mm - plywood baseboard - in some Italian forums thread about a Schiffazzo I found the same measurement for the thickness of plywood used for the same scale).





Here the construction of the opening in the base board - and looking for a solution to get rectangular joinings (picture will come after paint will work again):




this was the source of my idea:




the reason is rectangularity of the soft poplar plywood, a proper surface I could sand and certainly to get more contact area to glue the planks... and I can work with the wood I've already got and don't have to "enlarge my budget" B) .. any eigth to eight millimeter softwood square sticks will not to be able to buy at common in a DIYshop.  


What do you think about my trick?

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