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  1. Thanks John, the project gives some interesting possibilitys for exercises to me. At the moment I'm palning th baseboard: Here the rough cutout of the 4mm - plywood baseboard - in some Italian forums thread about a Schiffazzo I found the same measurement for the thickness of plywood used for the same scale). Here the construction of the opening in the base board - and looking for a solution to get rectangular joinings (picture will come after paint will work again): this was the source of my idea: the reason is rectangularity of the soft poplar plyw
  2. Here the view on plansides and some details: and at the very ed the proof of scale: not 100&% but close eough to the 1/50 I wanted to have... the paper is working in the copyingmaschine a lot when drying in the haeter to fix the toner.
  3. Hello friends, as the S/S Warkworth costs a plenty of mindwork I decided to add a second project less complicated and time consuming. So I leafed through the plans I've stored and found some very nice old "chances" but mostly the were to complicated and sophisticated as a "sidecar-building". So I figured out the exercisebook sized Modelarstwo Okretowe Special No. 19 of May 2015: The prototype is a Sicilan/Southitalian Coasting boat of the 1860th with a length between 15 to 20 meters and a 1/3 Length/Breadth ratio. Here a pencil drawin
  4. Here I foud what Ithought it was lost: ad it looks very well: and lets crosscheck: 304.8mm for a foot brought to scale by deviding with 48 gives 6,35 mm to us... multiplicated with 5 we got 31.75 mm ...but so the job I gave to the guy in the copyshop is now prooved to be devastantingly realised - and I can't change it for a right done one!!! Now I can go there and I'll have to redo this work on my own.
  5. Okay We have got a Breadth moulded from 27 feet (page 1 #1) when we multiplicate this with around a food of 304.8mm so we get 8,229.6mm so we start to devide this through our scale ratio of 48 so Sesamstreat's Count will teach us "So we'll get 171.45mm at the very end!" But! So I do't trust myself to sit an a toilretseat i the right way!
  6. Here some wooden jokes today:
  7. HyTadeusz, That looks great, good progress - can you show us a little bit mot of the how vou gozt from he plans drawing to the bulkheads shap you used at the end? It's important for me due to the open hatches, stairhouses and skylights you can look inside the ship. I'm looking for further progress and sending best wishes from Berlin,
  8. Here a contemporary picture of a staemer - point of intrest for me is the canvasing of the flying brigde:
  9. Hello, after several month filled with job, illness, divertissments (i.e. addtivly kitchen furniture manufacturing ) and some of trials of redrawing I can now bring some further news during the next days... I was very happy to find a yard model of S/S Warkworth... also something to do with Newcastel on Tyne and she was a singel screw steamship ,too. Source: vallejogallery.com but it was her a later bearer of the same name... So let's look forward to the awaited progress: new Mr McSale in 1/48 trial of the deck's beam stencil redrawing of the formers
  10. No further progress to present at the moment - everything happens between my ears...
  11. Hy Maury! That's a fine example of some so often neglected working craft. Perhaps somebody is going to copy it, placing it beside a warship in some diorama to show it at work. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking foreward to your progress.
  12. Ian, your argument mad me thinking if the procedure would make sense... as I used to ask: a ) Why should we act in this way? (Is it done in the most secure, effective, fastest & cheapest way?) b ) Why should it be constructed in this way? (Does it fit in the place it is put in - i.e. Does the crane collidate with anything in its pivoting range?) bb ) Could it have been constructed at this time in this way? (Ancorsteamwinch on deck of the Victory!) c ) Does it make sense to work in this way at all? (i.e.: May there have been an ash hatch running comfortablely beside the boiler do
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