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  1. Ahh. Thanks Carl. I wasn’t really sure if what I’d written was just gobbledygook, but I’m glad that it made sense. Have a great week! Thanks Patrick
  2. Hi Gary Thanks for your compliments. I must admit, that my main goal has been to build all of the superstructure first, before doing the internal details; hence why it looks like progress has been swift. The reason or this is so that I can be sure that all decks, access-ways, staircases, etc are all aligned correctly from one deck to the next, which can only be done if the shell of the boat is all done at the same time. I hope this makes sense. This wasn’t how I built my previous model, Genesis and I ended up having lots of problems with that build. So, hopefully, things will be better with Sapphire. Thanks again and have a great week. Cheers Patrick
  3. Hi Brian. Thanks for the info about the retractable helipad over the rear pool. I knew that there is ‘touch and go’ helipad on the forecastle of the real boat, but wasn’t aware that the rear pool can be used as such, as well. Oh well, why have one helicopter when you can have two, hey? I guess it it just makes these billionaire’s toys even more awesome. I really like those 3D choppers that you’ve posted. Thanks for the link. It would be cool to include a chopper for Sapphire...but, finding the right sized one would be difficult. Thanks again. Cheers. Patrick
  4. Hi folks This is my latest project; a scratch-built mega yacht, Sapphire. There’s still a lot of work to go, but eventually she should have a fully detailed interior, with all decks and superstructure being fully removable. Enjoy. Thanks Patrick
  5. Hi folks Thanks for all of your previous comments and Likes for Sapphire’s construction journey. Who said these mega-yachts can’t have wings, hey? Well, Sapphire’s got four of them and I just finished building them last night. Whilst not actual wings, these four wings are situated on the Sun Deck and are designed as platforms for the radomes (which I’ll add later). Hopefully now that the major elements of the external superstructure has been built (albeit roughly) at this early stage, I’ll soon be able to start building Sapphire’s internal accommodation. Now, that’ll be fun, for sure. Have a great weekend, everyone! Cheers Patrick
  6. Hi Gary That’s some seriously outstanding work you’ve got going on there. The broken pane of glass just takes your Build to the next level! Very, very nice. Cheers Patrick
  7. Hi Lawrence I echo everyone’s comments about the gratings. They’re seriously nice! Well done! Cheers. Patrick
  8. Hi Frank Those dredges look like the real deal. If I were you, I’d be tempted to try them out in my koi pond. Mmmm, I wonder what aquatic bugs they could dredge up (pardon the pun)? Cheers. Patrick
  9. Looking good, Phil. How much longer before they’re hung onto the yards? Cheers Patrick
  10. Hi Carl, Mark and Grandpa Phil! Thanks for all of your comments and to those who hit the Like button. I hope you can all stick around to enjoy Sapphire’s journey. Cheers. Patrick
  11. Hi folks. Here’s the latest update on Sapphire. At last, I feel like I’ve got a really good handle on how each deck can be separated and lifted out so that the internal accommodation (once I’ve built it all), can be viewed. In this update, you’ll see a series of photos showing each deck, from the Lower Deck, through to the Sun Deck, lifted out. I hope you enjoy these photos. Cheers. Patrick
  12. Thanks Brian! Much appreciated, as always. BTW, thanks for calling them 'blisters'. I couldn't for the life of me think of what they were called, but, yep, you're right, 'blisters' they are. Enjoy the rest of the week! Cheers Patrick
  13. Hi folks. Thanks for all of your comments and Likes. Much appreciated. Well, the shaping and finessing of Sapphire’s superstructure has continued to the point that I can now sit back and actually take stock of how everything fits together. I also now have a far better understanding of how each deck can be removed, in order to view the internal accommodation. Phew! I say. She’s getting there folks. I hope you enjoy these photos. Cheers Patrick

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