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  1. Hi Josh! She looks perfectly fine to me. I fact, I reckon anyone who has the guts to do SIBs deserves a medal, particularly when it comes to figuring out all of the riggings lines. I don't think I could even try! Cheers Patrick
  2. Hi Vaddoc. Well...we have a saying here in Australia - “frigging hell”. That, my friend, is an apt description of my reaction as I looked through your photos of the completed model. What an achievement; something that you should be justifiably proud of; especially as you’ve managed to make the rigging work. A triumph of craftsmanship! Cheers Patrick
  3. Hi Peter Emma looks like like a really nice design, full of charm and character. I can’t wait to see her sailing! Cheers Patrick
  4. Many thanks, Mark! It’s certainly nice to be able to get back onto MSW. For some unknown reason, MSW would take ages and ages to load on my iPad...and even when it did load, it’d invariably freeze. Needless to say, I got very frustrated and thus, my absence on MSW is explained. Thanks also, for your compliments on Sapphire. They’re gratefully appreciated! Cheers Patrick
  5. Thanks Vaddoc! Yep. That two decked engine room is a bit of a head-spinner! Thanks for looking in. Cheers Patrick
  6. Hi folks! Well...despite a lot of technical issues with trying to use MSW, I’m just going to bite the bullet and post this long overdue update of Sapphire. For all intents and purposes, she’s just about 95% finished. The addition of a display board, plus a few minor bits and pieces, will see her fully completed. I hope you enjoy these photos! Cheers Patrick
  7. Ahh. Good point! Come to think of it, they’re not even wearing their masks!
  8. Thanks Keith. As for “being confined to barracks going on for a while yet’, sadly I think you’re right. Who knows when this dreadful mess is going to end. I’m certainly missing being able to hug my son and daughter (and their respective spouses). I just guess we have to do what we have to do. Cheers Patrick
  9. Hi Pat Yep. I really like that and...as I can attest too, Mark is absolutely right about zoom and macro shots. The small details can be quite confronting when viewed, but, as you’ve said, you can’t really see the close-up details from a normal distance, so all’s good. Cheers Patrick
  10. Haha! I think, if truth be told, we all are! Thanks again, Mark! Cheers Patrick
  11. Hi folks. A quick update on the ‘illegal party‘ that’s been going on in Sapphire over the past week. Much to the owner’s consternation, the Construction Boss has invited even more of his mates on board. Have a look!!! Disclaimer: no teeny tiny people were harmed during this photo shoot😏😏😏! Cheers Patrick
  12. Hi Joseph Exquisite work, for sure! If you’re able to, can you pls show us how you made those railings? Thanks in advance Patrick
  13. Thanks Mark. Yep, the party’s started early...I don’t think they were adhering to the new social-distancing rules, though! Have a great week. Cheers Patrick
  14. Hi Gary Thanks! Yep...sub-atomic is a good way to think about it. I must admit that the teeny tiny stuff really does my head in, sometimes, but it's all great fun nonetheless. The figures are slightly bigger than the correct scale because it was the best I could do. In actual fact, they're about 8 mm high (on average). Thanks for the compliments and stay safe. Cheers Patrick
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