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Queen Elizabeth?


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Evening all,


I have just joined the forum to ask if anyone has any information about the "model" in the images I have posted.

As you can see there are 13 decks with detail printed on them along with key numbers, the key however is not available.

I remember "playing" with this 50 years ago and I know my great aunt gave it to my father when he was a boy but that is all we know about it. Any information will be appreciated.



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I agree.. I think you're missing the third funnel. The two up forward make her look a little too lopsided to be the Queen Elizabeth. Oddly enough, it's not the fist time I've seen a picture of one of those things.. I just can't remember where.....



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Yes, I agree, too. I think it's the Queen Mary, with the third funnel missing. Interesting object, I have never seen one of those before.

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I agree, also - Queen Mary. My dad rode her (no pun intended!)in the '60's on his way to Europe on business. I've still got a few of his photos from that trip.

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Many thanks for the replies gents....


Queen Mary it is, there is a small hole where the third funnel should be attached. The nut and bolt that is holding the pieces together is not original and there is a hole between the two front funnels for another "bolt" to go through.

Does anyone have any idea as to what such a model would be described as ie. exploded or cutaway?



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My vote is cutaway!



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Just found this via that wonder tool of research Google.


RMS Queen Mary Chad Valley "Take to Pieces" Model-Old



This unique model was sold on-board the old ocean liner in her heyday. It is made out of cardboard, and has 12 different levels to explore. It is a kind of key, or map that one would buy to use to navigate their way around the vast interior of the ship. It is held together by two screws and "takes to pieces" to reveal different maps or levels of the ship. This is really quite something to see! This is one of her most sought-after pieces, and is featured in numerous books and websites as an important collector piece. It measures 12" in length and is made out of cardboard. On the bottom of the piece is a label from the Chad Valley toy company indicating they are the maker of this particular toy/guide for the RMS Queen Mary. The model is slightly warped, but given her age, she's in good shape, also, remember, she is made out of thick cardboard layers, so warping is just part of a piece so old. She takes apart and puts back together nicely. It comes with the original box. The box is a bit tatty. The ship has some fraying, around the edges, w the cardboard is fraying and t, but nothing too traumatic. Chad Valley was/is a British toy manufacturer. The RMS Queen Mary was a luxury ocean liner that cruised the transatlantic waters, and that was used in WWII as a passenger troop ship, and also served as luxury liner for many, many years. She is now a floating hotel in Long Beach, CA., and may I say first hand, that she is still a beautiful ship. One can see why this model/map could have come in handy, as the ship is just huge and cavernous!


Several listed on ebay and at least one in an antiques auction with value estimated at £40.00 - £60.00






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