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  1. Jaager, Mark - Thanks for the comments, etc. & ideas re. the HVAC! I do have some general plans for putting in some form of heating + A/C, but not yet to the extent of purchase. I am looking around at used appliance sites, etc. Also, I am planning on getting a new roof w/ridge vent put on this summer. I have plenty of 24" wide insulation batts that will go above the ceiling panels; I need my contractor/realtor/friend to pay me a visit soon about all this - he's also working on a shop building on his property. Lots to think about on a tight budget, as well!
  2. Today, was one of those days where I spent only a necessary amount of time in the shop - but, did get the 4 small LED Light fixtures wired in and working. They aren't "installed" yet, just hanging from their connection boxes. They are my "4 lb" lights - I went out to the shop weighing 193 lbs after lunch and after getting them wired and one other small elec. job done, I left and when I re-weighed myself I was at 189 - it was hot, humid, and generally not a good time to be working in the bldg. today - did have a small fan running, but was sweating up a storm!! Perhaps tonight once it's cooled down, I'll go back out and begin one other elec. wiring job and call it a day. Here's the lights and the "mess": As for the leak, it wasn't all that bad when I got out here this a.m., but still needs to be addressed. So, at least I know that part of the larger leakage last week was coming from the porch roof peak at the joint with the front wall - that's been fixed, so there's something else that I haven't found yet....
  3. Guy, Thanks very much! Yes, I'm quit ready to begin work - actually, I need a place NOW to get some repair work done. However, every thing in it's proper time, I guess. Hank
  4. A formal Board of Inquiry will be called to investigate the entire flooring issue from stem to stern - we'll call this "Deckgate" -
  5. Well, didn't get to the painting - will hopefully get that back in gear tomorrow a.m. Tonight however, I did get the paint shelf unit assembled and hung and also created and have in use a hook board for all sorts of things that need to be hung up and out of the way! Have begun unpacking in order to clear away boxes - final disposition of items yet undetermined! The shelf unit still has clamps and weights to keep things in place until the glue sets!
  6. In reverse order - Druxey Wins!!!! YEAH!!!!! Roger - Yes, you are quite correct, however, the area in front of the partition will be basically a small den - nautical items/books/models/paintings, etc. so I wanted it to be a bit different. However, your comment does give me an idea. Checkerboard in the front, and single color in the back. I didn't want to leave the exterior plywood exposed - it's just, well...nasty! Jaager - Duly noted - good catch on the razzle-dazzle effect, etc. Julie - Nice pool room!!! Will keep comments under consideration. Work today was small wall stuff and I may get out this evening to do more painting up front; storms in the air and my grill is not quite ready....🥵 - Have a Great Holiday, but do remember...our Vets and what they've given us all. Hank
  7. Ron, Dr. Per - The vinyl tile I'm looking at is 12x12 peel & stick and at the price they're asking, I can't match it anywhere. My contractor/realtor/friend is due to make a visit (maybe today) and I'll ask him about possibly just going ahead and laying down floor adhesive in spite of the fact these are peel & stick. That way, I've basically taken the risk factor of them peeling up, etc. into consideration from the git-go. One of the reasons I've asked him over is to give me the yea/nea decision on whether the existing shed floor is "flat" enough to do all this tiling in the first place. So, if he gives me the thumbs up on doing tile, we'll discuss the "hows" and so forth next. Today is Independent Steaming which in civilian terms means "The Admiral has things that YOU need to attend to!!"
  8. Wefalck, I'll keep your caution in mind re. the vinyl tiles. Mr. Frollick, Sir, I will certainly keep the oil lamp under consideration - I do already have one type of oil lamp to be hung, perhaps there will be a beam added just for this purpose! Roger, As I've mentioned just a couple posts ago, I also have a stash of adj. lamps that require only a hole with which to mount - but, you picture showing the steel plate provides the answer to what would have been my comment - the hole gets worn and then the lamp won't keep it's position. I'm still keeping this idea on a back burner. Rain again this evening - a short, heavy downpour lasting only about 5 minutes - I checked and all was dry; however, I've posted a watch with orders to inform me (not The Admiral) of any change in bilge levels during the night!
  9. Julie, Thanks for the nice & informative reply! I think we've established that SO = Significant Other, so thank him, as well! As for current thinking on the flooring - I'm pursuing a black/white diamond pattern idea using 12"x12" vinyl tile squares - I've located an online wholesaler whose prices beat out all others. So, since the 12x12 tiles are too small, I'm thinking of using a pattern of 4 per color, alternating. This will produce the desired result and also not make the room so "dazzling" busy as the smaller tiles would be if installed individually. The only question at the moment is whether or not these tiles are peel & stick or standard tiles that require an adhesive prep prior to laying in place. I forgot to check on that the last time I visited this particular website. As for the existing laminate flooring, I've posted that on one of the apps for selling stuff that are available on the smart phones. We'll see if that flies; if not, I'll donate to the local Habitat Restore. The Admiral has made her morning inspection and I've now been issued today's POD which includes an early afternoon cruise into "the big city" to look for shrubs & so forth! Wishing to avoid any further potential use of "The Cat", I've changed into my coxswain's uniform and am getting the Caddy Wagon warmed up for today's outing One good point is that on the way home we'll stop at one of the local BBQ spots and have Mo Pig for an early dinner - they're open (a new open air patio idea) and we'll be there!!!
  10. I don't know about this question, but....a couple years ago I did replace the circular fluorescent bulb in my magnifier lamp with a new one. So, from that standpoint they are still available.
  11. Dr. Per - Well, YES!!! I'm actually making this paint shelf box IN the workshop, so there is a bit of dust being created, however not model dust at this point!🙄
  12. Jaager, You know, you're right about the poplar being both pretty & ugly on the same piece of wood. However, for it's intended use, I don't care at this point - a lot more cost effective than the same size red oak (despite the looks!). I'll have to see what a walnut stain does on it - I've got that on hand. I may just put conditioner and a coat of poly and let it go at that!
  13. Thanks Wefalk, Dave, & Jaager for the lighting suggestions, etc.! When I had everything going down east prior to retirement, I had an assortment of clamp-on, adjustable lamps, both circular, u-tube, and linear flourescents and incandescent bulbed lamps. All those are in the loft, piled up on each other - they will be resurrected and brought out of mothballs for Ship-check and evaluation ! It was actually a sunny day and I was able to get the ladder up and put caulking & new flashing on where I think the leak was located. We did get an evening shower and more is on the way, but so far not enough to count. We'll see if my repairs worked or we go to Plan J . I also picked up some nice 3" wide x 1/4" thk poplar at Lowe's and have begun work on a 4'x4' shelf box for all the bottled & cans of model paints, etc. Nice for once to have everything in one place! No pix tonight, but hopefully in a day or so. We'll see what the weekend brings in the way of further progress.... Hank
  14. Roger, Thanks so much - it's always nice to know I'm making progress - esp. in others' eyes! Dr. Per, Henry - Thanks - I think the Sig. Other is probably correct. OK, I reversed course with the 1 lamp LED fixture I had purchased yesterday - took most of the morning, but it's assembled and wired with an on/off switch under the cabinet. I also added an extension of the cabinet face to cover the fixture. Here it is prior to painting to match the cabinet: Thanks to Jaager for the great suggestion. I'm mulling over whether or not to add one on the left side also (under the bottom shelf - I may sleep on it while thinking about the shelf height and whether or not to adjust it before proceeding with a light fixture. _After lunch I then sanded the entire worksurface and put on another coat of polyurethane. It's been "dry" for the last hour or so (well, not really raining, mainly light mist) so I may try to get the ladder put up and see if I can put some temp. cover over where I think the leak is occurring until it's dry enough to effect a permanent repair. Besides, I didn't want to disturb the wet poly as it sets.
  15. Julie, Thanks for the nice comments! This is a 20+ year old shed that has typical shed features - it has 4 skid beams with joists @ 90°, 16" OC. Then either 1/2" or 3/4" exterior plywood flooring (don't know the variety). That's it - it is what it is!! The shed sits too low to the ground to get under to do anything in the way of repairs. I guess the time to have thought about replacing or insulating would have been prior to any renovations when it was basically empty. Didn't give much thought to it then. The plan (if you want to call it a "plan") was to use the old laminate floor out of the house as a finished shop floor - but, as my recent posts have indicated, that just at this point probably won't work out. I'm leaning towards 16" (or 24") square black/white vinyl tile in the shop (back) and using the salvaged Berber carpeting in the front. I did a CAD layout of the floor using 12" squares and as I noted, it was just way too busy for this size area. For the most part, the existing plywood is fairly flat - only a couple places where nails will have to be hammered down. The floor is not 100% level all around, but "acceptable" - most of the joints are fairly even between the sheets of plywood. The other factor is cost - I'm trying to do this with available materials and not spend a fortune on this building; hence, buying tiles, etc. is not fitting into this plan very well. What does "SO" mean? Not familiar with that abbreviation. Hank

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