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  1. Bob Cleek wrote: Bob, you are correct - USS MILLER (DE-1091) KNOX class destroyer escort. Named for Doris (Dorie) Miller - commissioned 1973-decommissioned 1991. However, I like the prospect of this carrier NOT following the current trend as we've both stated in our separate postings. Hank
  2. Thanks, Chris! To expound on this topic of ship's naming conventions, etc. a bit - I think had the Navy (yeah, let's blame THEM, since none of us can point a finger to the actual members of Congress or other disenchanted citizens who've managed to muddy the naming waters and have gotten everything bass-ackwards!) not begun the presidential carrier naming parade in the mid-40s with FDR, we would have seen modern carriers named as before - historical battles/famous ships. With the demise of the battleship, there was a void in what type of ship to honor states and this originally fell to the nuclear powered guided missile cruisers of the -'70s. But, then those ships were reclassified (and subsequently decommissioned) and the next thing you know, NORTH CAROLINA is now a sub!!!! Go figure, right? So, if there is no real rhyme or reason as to what ship is named what for who, then DORIS MILLER makes perfect sense as CV(A)N-81. OK, I'm working on borrowed change here - my 2 cents is way-past spent (and today with the penny being non-copper, not worth a plug nickel!!!) Hank
  3. I've seen that thread also, as I am a member on that forum, as well. And, normally I would be in agreement with naming a new FFG class after Miller or even another ARLEIGH BURKE DDG. But, to be quite honest, I've had about one too many carriers named JFK, etc. While I fully understand the current naming scheme the Navy uses for selecting ship names, I won't say that I personally agree with it. When submarines started taking on state names, I lost interest. And how John Stennis ever became the name of a CVAN I'll never know!!! Since it appears that the conventional naming of USN ships has, in modern times, been turned on it's head, why NOT name the next CVAN after Miller? He's certainly deserving of it. Just my thoughts on the subject, nothing more...
  4. And, I might add - LONG OVERDUE - both honoring Enlisted as well as Minorities who have served above and beyond the Call of Duty to our country.
  5. The Frollicky One wrote: "Hank-borg, we will expect a full film review from you ! " My copy arrives later next week. I will invite fellow geezer modelers over, pop popcorn, watch the movie, and give a totally un-biased critique after polling the inmates on hand!!!
  6. And one further precaution: if using the pine tar/natural fibers, etc. - make sure the NO SMOKING LAMP is lit!!!
  7. Great!! I ordered a copy of the DVD from Amazon about an hour ago. So, NO MORE SPOILERS!!!!!Poor Seeburg……. Hank
  8. I'd like to find a copy (DVD?) of that movie...looks like it would really be worth seeing. Hank
  9. Ferit, As of this evening a bit more info has been located. In a 2016 article (Iver P. Cooper) in Granville Gazette (online) there seems to be archeological evidence of candlestick holders being found on several seventeenth century merchant ships using a variety of fuel sources - tallow (animal fats) and beeswax. The link to this article is: https://grantvillegazette.com/article/life-at-sea-in-the-old-and-new-time-lines-part-3-shipboard-lighting-and-fire-prevention/ Later in the 18th century, oil lamps came into use with various types of whale oils used as the fuel source. See the same article link above. Hope this helps, Hank
  10. Ferit, Well, I'm sorry to report that the books I thought might have information re. lanterns, etc. - in fact, do not! I've only been able to find a reference in Falconer's regarding a lantern used for signaling but it doesn't describe the fuel source. I will keep researching this, but right now I don't have anything that would be helpful to you. Hank
  11. Ferit, I may have some info on ship's lanterns packed away in a small book - I'll look tomorrow. But, my feeling is that candles were used up until the 19th century on most ships. Right whale oil was used in some lanterns until it was determined that Sperm Whale oil burned cleaner and brighter - obviously, this was one of the main factors in whale hunting - the oil was prized by everyone! Whether or not ship lanterns used this form of fuel, I don't know. I'm hoping there will be some information in the book I think I may have on early ship fittings, etc. Hank
  12. Per, Actually, the picture is not that great, but thanks, all the same! I plan to build a 7'x7' porch with roof in place of the small ramp/deck that was built for the original centered single door. It was totally rotted out when we bought this property in 06/18 and I had it replaced with the 2 door unit in 07/18 in order to lock the shed and also keep the weather out. The ramp/deck never worked with the new door unit and was destined for the recycle pile at that point. I may give the shed framework a day or so to dry out - I noticed it being damp when the old wood was removed and I want that moisture gone before going any further. We'll also replace the flashing under the door unit with new material that covers all of it not just where the old unit was located. Of course, my mental schedule does NOT concur with the actual schedule of reality and holidays, etc. etc. - 😭
  13. Well, this afternoon was the perfect day for busting my butt removing the old (and rotted) ramp/deck in front. It was low 70s and sunny - took me around 3 hours of manual labor with crow & pry bars, and hammer - but the job is done. Well, the removal, not getting the old wood etc. to the recyclers. So, I'm going to let the front frame work dry out before reframing my new porch - probably Thurs/Friday. Here's a couple photos:
  14. Nirvana/PopDavid - Yes, the wildlife are a Plus when considering where to move - we also have a small herd of deer that come around in the back yard and munch on the small crabapples on the tree out near the shed. Woodchucks have (I guess for years) taken up semi-permanent warm weather residence under the shed - NO MORE!!! I will make sure they've been evicted for good before finishing a skirting around the base. Thanks, PD for the kind remarks. Well, it is indeed warm/cloudy and already in the 60's, so I'll be out in a little while for morning "destruction" activities on the ramp/deck in front. Will update this post later this evening.
  15. Well, that certainly is a nice Christmas gift to yourself!!! Nothing like having it ready made, right?

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