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Model Shipways "vintage" Dapper Tom kit


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I obtained on eBay a kit advertised as "vintage", seller stating that kit had been stored in a closet for years, and had some work done on it; that it was actually a combination of two kits; appears complete, instructions but no plans. I am building this kit, and am remarkably satisfied with it. Whomever started it shaped the solid hull beautifully (there are still a couple of his pencil marks on it). The hull appears to be pine, really seasoned well and a joy to work with. Same for most wood strips. I obtained from MS a set of plans, and found updated instructions on their website for a kit that appears to be currently out of production.


The plans are copyrighted 1954. One set of instructions (2 sets came in the box) is dated 1969 and has "Model Shipways, Bogota, NJ" noted on it; the other instructions (much more condensed) are undated, but is notated "Model Shipways, Fort Lee, NJ".


So here are my questions....

When did kits transition from pine to basswood? Why? At least when well seasoned it (pine) seems a great material.

When did MS move from Fort Lee to Bogota (and then to Florida)?



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