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Question regarding deck lines

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I have a question about deck lines on the sheer plan. Do they correspond to the middle of the deck or to the deck's sides?

Mondfeld mentions that they show the highest point (therefore the middle of the deck) but on other plans they seem to show the deck's lowest point, therefore the side.

What is right?

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I was thinking about Ancre's Cygne monograph. Jack.Aubrey is currently building an amazing Guadalupe and one of the plans he posted shows a small line, which i assume to be the deckline. -> http://s46.photobucket.com/user/tom-pullings/media/Brick%20de%2024%20Plans/nave_zps4d5c5a31.jpg.html(second curved line below the gunports).

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I agree with Druxey - - Wales are uniform width planks-they don't taper towards the ends, which is what is on the drawing. However, since the distance from the deck to the bottom of the gun ports should be somewhat constant, the edge of the deck should be parallel to line along the bottom of the ports. On the other hand, the lower edge of the wales should be below the deck line so they can be tied to the deck knees.


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Concur with druxey.  Upper edge of wale at the lower port line, lower edge of wale is the almost parallel line below that.  It's 'almost parallel' because of the inward curvature of the hull and the way the wale has to twist to keep pace.  All the detail on this is outboard.

Sometimes they will show deck beams, drawn as little rectangles.  This can help you to see what is going on.  Sometimes they will show the plank both at midline and at the sides.  This helps the most.  :D   These are seen on an inboard plan overlaid onto the sheer plan.

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