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I want to add a mainsheet horse to my POF AVS model.  I'm curious, though.  Is there a rule of thumb as to how long the horse should be?  "Fair American:, a brig, has a short horse mounted just below the taffrail, but the MS AVS, a sloop, has a very long horse mounted on the cabin roof/poop deck.  Any thoughts?

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The size question for Horses has always interested me. As you note, they vary in width from ship to ship. I have noticed the ones in the bow for the headsails are usually as wide as the deck will allow. The ones at the stern are usually far more narrow than the deck space would allow. Often these after ones are so short that it makes me wonder what exactly they are doing for the rig, the point on deck from which the sheet will lead off these very short horses is spread over such a small area one wonders why all the bother, why not just a fixed point on deck for the sheet? For instance, The USS Constitution has a tinny little horse for the spanker, its just wider than the centerline stern chaser port.




 Niagara USS Constitution 


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