HMS Triton Cross Section by Doc Blake - 1:24 scale

After completing my Battle Station model in 1/24 scale, I was anxious to do another project at that large scale.  An entire ship at 1/24 would require an addition to our house, so I settled on a cross section.  I have plans for the HMS Granado in 1/24, but decided to launch a Triton cross section instead.  As soon as I enlarged the keel plans to 200% I realized a potential problem.  The lines on the plans themselves are 1/32" wide at that size!  I'm going to have to be very careful in sizing parts for this build.


I started with a piece of boxwood , dimensioned it on my table saw and thickness sander and cut a shallow kerf on each side for the rabbet.  I enlarged the kerf to a "V" groove with wood carving tools and square edged sanding blocks.  I made the false keel out of rosewood, and the keelson out of swiss pear.  I've posted some photos of my progress.


I'm requesting access to the Triton download area so I can continue this build.







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Welcome to the group. Looks like it will be an interesting build. At this scale do you plan on adding extra details to the cross section. Looking forward to more!!!!!!

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I'm looking at options for a building jig for the cross section.  I came across this post:


Please have a look at this frame assembly jig I posted a while back. This will solve all the problems of assembly the frames and getting the pieces properly aligned. Please give this a try before you go much further. This is what I intended everyone to use.

The only change I made from that photo was to add a section of keel in the notch where the frame will fit. I cut that keel piece off an extra long section of off cut from my keel so I know that it will be the exact same cross section as the keel. This ensures the keel mortise in the frames will fit perfectly on the real keel every time.

Russ "


It comes from a moderator's repost of the log "Scottacus Triton" on page 1 of that reposted log:   


  Does the frame assembly jig mentioned, that was posted "a while back" still exist somewhere?  Does anyone have access to the jig plans?  My guess is that "Russ" could help me out, but I don't know who  he is!  Any help appreciated.  Thanks



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I'm restarting this build.  Mike Shanks and I have been planning on doing a joint projet:  POF "Hannah" in 1/24 scale...the whole ship.  Not sure about rigging yet.  I think the Triton cross section will be good practice for that build.  I cut out and surfaced the blanks of hard maple I'll use for the frames.  The maple is 3/8" thick, giving a final double frame thickness of 3/4".  The footprint of the cross section at this scale is huge:  9-7/8" X 14-1/2"!  The photo shows the plans for frame 2 compared to a midship's frame of "Fair American" at 1/48 scale.  I'm also planning a building jig.  The jig in the photo is one of the popular "2 level" jigs used for the cross section, but it takes into account that the plan view profile of the model is not a rectangle.  The bulwarks curve slightly.  The profile of the sides of the jig (marked by the arrows are clearly curved.  Does anyone have a good way to lay out this curve accurately?  There is no plan view of the framing in the plans.

Triton plans.jpg

maple blanks.jpg


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