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Ancient Tireme being maintained by the Greek Navy


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...after they neglected the poor thing for many years.


A fungus munched the hull planking away. The rotten planks are now replaced (but they didn't use the traditional building method).

She'll likely never sail again...and that's very sad. Still an awesome reproduction on display.


Things went downhill with Olympias when the Trireme Trust (Trust inactive since 2010) handed her over.


I was hoping for more sea trials. They never did any with the masts left ashore (battle rigging)...never read anything about it anyway.

Her performance would be mindblowing. 


Glad they patched her up, but a shame they didn't took good care of her before. :(



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I apologize for sounding a bit negative, that was rude of me and not even justified.  :(


The economic crisis hit Greece hard and I understand maintaining issues of a replica ship wasn't the most important problem the Greek had...and still have.

I highly appreciate what they do now and it's fantastic she's out for regular swim again.


Spring next year I'll give her a big hug!  :wub:

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