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Dusek Golden Hind

Kurt Johnson

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I was originally planning on building the Amati Revenge 1577 for my next project. On reading builds of similar ships, I became interested in the Dusek line of kits. I was impressed by how everyone thought so well of them. I purchased the Golden Hind from Ages of Sail. Firstly, Ages of Sail was a pleasure to deal with and I had my kit in just a few days from California to New Jersey. Secondly, the kit IS nice. At 1/72 scale its a lot smaller than the 1/64 Revenge! So I plan to wait a bit on the Revenge for the moment and build the Golden Hind first. I have emailed Daniel Dusek to see if I could upgrade some of the parts to pear from the supplied walnut. Does anyone know what kind of wood is supplied for the planking, I can't quite tell what it is. It's similar to walnut but much lighter in color. I am looking forward to this model.



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Best ask Daniel Dusek about the wood. He is a forum member and very helpful.


I was wondering about the wood of my bireme also...I asked Daniel and got the answer pretty quick. (Alder wood...amazing stuff).


I look forward to see your Golden Hind build.


Robin :)

WIP: No ships atm...sorry!🙄

Completed: Greek bireme - Dusek - scale 1:72

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