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Dikar Thermopylae...?


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This kit is an oldie, you find Dikar kits popping up on Ebay every now and then. They look like good kits and I would equate them to the old Aeropicola kits. I believe they went out of business years ago. They were based in Spain I believe. Now if you are asking of how great a kit they produce. I will say this: I have built better than thirty ship model kits from various makers some known others not so much and I have never found a bad kit. But I also learned a long time ago, that a kit is a kit is a kit and it's up to the builder to make a decint model out of the contents and a kit is only the starting point. Research, detail make a good product from a kit good bad or indifferent. You may be able to produce this from the contents of the box or you may have to add to it and use aftermarket parts in order to achieve this.




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