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Droopy Ropes


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I'm about to wrap up my gundeck section build. At least all the pieces will be in place. There's so much stuff crammed into such a small space that it will take some going over to be sure everything is in order.


One thing I'm already seeing - there are a lot of ropes that are tied off or laid over hooks and just left to dangle. In real life I imagine the ropes weigh enough for gravity to kick in and pull them straight down. In our modeling fantasy world it isn't happening. Ropes are sticking out in all directions.


So I'm hoping you guys have some tricks to make ropes hang more realistically.


Thanks in advance.....

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Hey Joel, good to hear from you. I guess that might work better. I have been using lacquer which does stiffen up the rope but it's not helping with the hanging down. And while I'm typing this I just had a thought about using some alligator clips on the very end for weight. Along with the glue that just might be the ticket.

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