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Gaff Reef


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Has anyone heard of a "Gaff Reef?"

Currently building A/L Pen Duick and the Rigging in question runs in a series of Single Blocks and Lines under and the length of the Main Boom.


I am finding it difficult to reconcile the plans with where it starts/finishes and what items are terminated to it.


Google is not all that helpful today....


Any advice/diagrams would be very much appreciated.



Completed Builds:


A/L Bluenose II

A/L Mare Nostrum

Sergal/Mantua Cutty Sark

A/L Pen Duick

A/L Fulgaro

Amati/Partworks 1/200 Bismarck

A/L Sanson

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Hey hof i have found some info for you, but first a quick tip if googling a phrase e.g gaff reef it will return any page with gaff and  or reef but if you put the phrase in quotes it will search for any page with that phrase. OK now onto what i found i think what it refers to is reefing a sail which is to reduce the surface area of the sail by pulling it down the mast and the excess is rolled up and tied to the boom. from what you describe and a pic i found (bellow) there is a rope system to accomplish this. Try googling "Reefed sail" you should find plenty of info.




Cheers Rexy.

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