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I have a question about a Dumas kit................................

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I'm going to be starting a build of a Dumas Chris Craft Commander Express 36" cruiser in a few weeks. This model will be built for either static or RC operation. But here is the situation, I first bought the kit to build for my son in law, only to find out he isn't into RC and has no interest in the boat. So I decided to build the boat for sale. Now here is my question:


1. If you were interested in buying this finished boat model, would you prefer it to be built fully operational, ready to go into the water with motors, speed control, battery, battery charger and radio. Basically all you would have to do is turn on the switch to boat and radio and hit the throttle and go at say $900.00? shipping would have to be in two boxes.


2. Or would you prefer to add the drive train like motors and all the other incidental equipment yourself? The only thing that would be added to the build would be the running hardware, which are mainly the props and prop shafts which really need to be added during the build for say $600.00?  shipping would be in one box.


Now I'm not in the position to keep the model nor do I want to, but I am interested in building it just due to it being quite different than the stuff that I have built over the years and to give me something to do.


Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.




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Thanks Gemma, I have all the equipment needed to make it operational. But I was just trying to feel out the demographic to see which way they would prefer to buy it if given the opportunity and had a need for it. To me it's kind of like building a house and you wind up over building for that particular market or location. You end up cutting down the amount of folks who would be interested in the house forcing it to sit on the market for a long time. 


This has happened to me a few times when building radio control planes.

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WOW, I didn't post this thread with the intentions of looking for a buyer, but mainly to get an idea of how I plan to proceed with the build. But I have had 3 offers within the last few hours, some wants it with everything, one wants it with just drive train and one wants it with a gas engine in it. B) Like a friend told me once, "just build it and they will come" was spot on.




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