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Good Morning everyone,


I was looking at Snoepert's interpretation of the Sovereign of the Seas, and it got me to thinking....isn't displacement a wonderful thing.  I mean, in looking at such gorgeous ships as the Sovereign of the Seas, Le Soleil Royale or the Vasa, it's hard to believe that these top-heavy girls could even float, much less glide over open ocean.  Reminds me of when I was on a carrier.  I think that she weighed like 90,000 tons or something like that, and yet she could handle anything (even the edges of Hurricanes!)  Amazing.  However, these older boats must have been very impressive to see pull into port with all the gilding and ornamentation.  Better still, you talented people that render real works of art that show in miniature how beautiful these vessels truly were.  Beats the heck out of virtual reality!!


I guess Ya'll's talent left me awestruck for a moment. 


Ciao for now


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